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Compression clothing could not be stranger to it! After East London, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Langkawi-Malaysia makes it four for our French partner Romain Guillaume on the highest step of a podium this year. Wearing his favourite compression apparel he brought Compressport®`s colours to the top to win one of the last Ironman races of 2017, which makes it also his 3rd Ironman title.

Romain went after the title and managed to break the race record!

Romain-guillaume-824x400One does not change a strategy that wins! This can be the BMC Etixx triathlete`s motto – a solid swim and be in the leading pack out of the waters,  a 10-minute lead off the bike and clinging to the his first place on the marathon run and not let go of any pace while Jens Petersen-Bach and Roman Deisenhofer were struggling hard behind.

Romain GUILLAUME stops the chrono 8:32:54, breaks the record and wins Ironman Malaysia!

6-day Everest Trail Race is ON!

This year again runners will have to cover some 160 Km between 2000 and 4100 meters of altitude. Compressport`s partner Jordi GAMITO came to the trail hoping to end his trail season on a high note.

jordi gamito 824x400

The technicality of the track makes it hard for our Spanish acolyte who eventually managed to secure a fourth place on 3 of the fours stages yet.  The remaining 2 stages will sure prove challenging!

Matt CHRABOT goes to Mexico and wins Silver on the Ironman 70.3

Los Cabos hosted the event at the tip of the Baja California Peninsula, where tall the conditions were reunited to make it a memorable sports moment.

Matt CHRABOT exited from the waters among the leading pack but had to do with strong competition from New-Zealander Terenzo Bozzone who came to Mexico to win! And he did fast and furious!


Matt Chrabot clung to his second place gained strongly on the bike run, which by the way was also the second fastest  time. Bozzone was unbeatable and won the race with 4 minutes lead over Chrabot who finished second on the podium at 3:49:25.


The show was set in the Subic Bay… a new race on the Philippines triathlon scene that attracted numerous talents in search of their first Ironman sensations of the year!

The challenge: 1.9 Km of swimming, 90 Km of biking and 21 Km of running.

Swiss Ruedi WILD, brilliant in Compressport`s compression gear

Rudi_Wild_824_400Leaving his homeland less stringent conditions for the hot and hard tracks of South East Asia Ruedi put on his Pro Racing Socks Ultralight and kicked-off for a fantastic mano-a-mano with the living legend – Craig Alexander.

Craig Alexander_824_400

The duel was tenacious, none of the two willing to leave the least pace or least second to his acolyte. But Ruedi Wild, his mind set on victory, let no chances to his opponents. He finished the race at 3:48:24. Craig Alexander was 33 seconds behind.

Alberto Contador loses by only 2 seconds but the show was his!

Conditions were brutal throughout the 8-stage race and Paris Nice was not quite the race to the sun as it claims to be.

Arnaud Demare of FDJ started in yellow but Pro Teams, Quick –Step Floors and Trek-Segafredo made strong opposition and propelled themselves in the lead thanks to Julian Alaphilippe`s stand-out performance.

Alberto Contador_824_400)The last stages saw an gigantic Alberto Contador leap out of the pack, race through the mountains, sweep away his rivals to catch up on Team Sky Sergio Henao, who nevertheless did not give away the first step of the podium.

Contador, impressive in his recovery compression tights, was a magnificent runner-up and Daniel Martin of Quick-Step Floors completed the podium!

Compressport`s Athletes hit the podium on the Pierra Menta

The Arches-Beaufort, in French Savoie, staged the 32nd edition of the Pierra Menta, on the slopes of the Grand-Mont – 10 000 meters, 15 peaks and ascents and some dizzying descents.

Nothing could stop the Italian pair Matteo Eydallin and Damiano Lenzi who won all the stages. But, overall, our athletes and partners claimed some very good places.


Alex Sevennec with his pair Killian Jornet finished 2nd while Nadir Maguet came 3rd, with Michele Boscacci. Valentin Favre and William Bon Mardion were 4th and 5th respectively.

Meanwhile, elsewhere … Spain, Italy, South Africa, Brazil

While Elena Cecchini of Canyon/SRAM Womens Team was runningt the Ronde van Drenthe, one of Women`s World Tour Classics,  Zigor Iturreita was on the  76 Km Addo Elephant Trail in South Africa. Elena came out 2nd, Zigor 3rd.

After the Domoliti Winter Trail, tireless Tadei Pivk did it again this weekend by winning the Santa Caterina Winter Trail in Italy.

Under the Brazilian sun, Marcus Fernandes finishes at an honorable 9th place in the Ironman 70.3 Buenos Aires.

Stay tuned and more results are coming to you just here !

Triathlon Apparel on XXL Challenge Roth – perfect match!

Compressport`s triathlon apparel on one of the most XXL challenging and notorious races inevitably brings no other than good results. Kaisa Sali could not deny that!

This year again Challenge Roth attracted the cream of the cream of triathletes from around the world to brave the 3 in 1 race: a 3,8Km swim, followed by a 180Km biking and finally a 42Km run.

Kaisa Sali trusted her famous triathlon apparel – she did well!

triathlon-apparel-kaisa-sali-challenge-rothOn race day our Finnish triathlete, Kaisa Sali aimed for a podium result and to do so wore the best triathlon apparel  she signed with.

It was a strong ride by Kaisa, who remained in contention of the top 5 at the end of the bike. On the run she unleashed her best weapon, to chip away at the lead. Within a few kilometres of the last run she succeeded in bridging the gap and ran the fastest pace in the field to finish 3rd. 



German Daniela Sämmler won the challenge while Britain Lucy Charles was runner-up.


Javier Gomez NOYA and Romain GUILLAUME are the first IRONMAN 70.3 winners of the year!

The first-named lifts the trophy in Dubai…


while the second puts his name on top of the table when he rushed to the finish line of Ironman 70.3, in East London, South Africa.


Talent you may say, but when perseverance is geared in compression clothing, the results can be no more but WONDERFUL!

Ruedi WILD, after a tremendous performance, stands on the bronze step of the podium in Dubai.


In the women’s league, Emma PALLANT and Kristin MOELLER made it 4th in Dubai and SA respectively.

SEVEN – Stamina, Energy, Vitality, Enthusiasm, Nuts


Completely nuts indeed Michael WARDIAN had to be, to trust and believe that he can run 7 races in 7 days on 7 different continents… and break his own record, to top it all!

His playgrounds went from Antarctica to Chile and Miami, crossing the oceans to the Madrid, Morocco, Dubai and Australia.

He did it!!


824 * 400

Last week, he was 8th at the end of his ski-mountaineering race on the ISMF World Cup 1st Round… this week  William Bon MARDION gained 2 places and finished 6th on the second round held at Cambre dÀze, in the French Pyrenees. The elements were not lenient at all and heavy snow falls did not deter the mountaineers, least our other partners – Sevennec, Maguet, Ecoeur, Viret were just fantastic.




1st Race of the Year ….. 1st Win of the Year… Diego “Zpeedy” PAZOS is set rolling the trail tracks as he wins the 45 Km Trail de la Galinette in 3 : 51 : 56.

The Challenge Mallorca was won pedals down by Tim Wellens (1st two stages) and Andre Griepel (3rd stage) of Pro Cycling Team Lotto Soudal.


In France, Ludovic POMMERET wins the Trail Blanc de Valfrejus


while at the other end of the world, in Argentina, Quick-Step Floors Cycling Team wins 5 of the 7 stages of the Vuelta a San Juan.

Stay tuned to Compressport® and get the latest news about your favorite sports!


Frederik Van Lierde is a Belgium professional triathlete and the 2013 Ironman triathlon World Champion, in Hawaii – 2013. He finished the race with a 51:02 swim, a 4:25:37 bike and a 2:51:18 marathon to capture the win in total of 8:12:29.


1/ Fred, how long have you been using compression clothing?

Since 2009, in fact after a stress fracture on my right calf !

2/ How do you feel when you use the Compressport range before, during and after the effort and during your trips?

During training and competitions, I can feel for sure they help to absorb the shocks but also keeping the blood circulating. A very nice feeling, never cramping or sore, just perfect to me! And in hot conditions they can even keep my calf muscles cooler because of the protection (white) reflecting the sun. Some water on them, gives you a fresher feeling as well. After races or on really hard training camps I use them a lot, especially the Full Legs. The best way to recover for me!

For trips, long rides or flights, it’s the best! Before I tend to have swollen legs a lot of times and since I use the Compressport Full Socks, my legs stay exactly the same after the trip compared to my legs before the trip.

3/ Do you remember any race or training where the Compressport range has made a crucial difference (in terms of injuries, performance and or recovery)?

For sure in Hawaii Ironman, the hardest endurance race on this planet, in 2012and 2013. Before 2012, I always wore the compression only on the marathon and the bike part without. Legs were a lot sorer then and muscles were warmer and suffered more because of the sun. In 2012 I decided, because of that, to put them on in T1 (transition swim to bike). So I rode the full 180km with +the marathon! What a difference: 3rd place at Hawaii in 2012 and now in 2013, Ironman World Champion!

Gomez Noya wins World Title for the second time!

Javier Gomez NOYA sure had style in Chattanooga Tennessee, last weekend and he sure managed a strategy to battle his way through this yet another Ironman 70.3 event, but of paramount importance for our partner athlete as this lead him to a second world title crown!

And yet nothing was simple and victory was not to be taken for granted!

Javier exited the 1.2 mile swim run at the second place with a chrono of 24.09, leaving the first place to Ben Kanute, who from start made it clear that Chattanooga would be his territory and no-one else`s.

Javier Noya  824x400Intimidated maybe, Javier further gave time away to Kanute on the bike run. At some point of time, around half the biking distance, he let himself trail away from the leading pack At 2:12:27 on the chrono, he had more than 4 minutes to catch up on Kanute.

If there is a will in the legs there is a way to the top of the podium!

JavierHis first World Champion title won in 2014, on his mind, Javier decided that his legs would do all the talking on the 21.1 Km marathon. No piece of land would be left to the adverse party. Javier took the risk as soon as the first lap was on and he “ran faster that he should have”. He managed to keep Ben Kanute at lap`s length behind him and at the half way mark, Javier knew that this 10th September would be a milestone in his sporting life. He crossed the finish line after 1:10:30 of a tremendously heroic race and was crowned for the second time Ironman World champion… Nothing less!

Pedals Down and Helmets Off for Alberto CONTADOR

El Pisteloro bids farewell to professional cycling! And it could not have been elsewhere than the Spanish tour to do so.

vuelta-espana-824x400After a chaotic Tour de France Alberto wanted to end his professional career on a positive note and la Vuelta Espana offered him this chance. On the brutal Angliru climb, driven by his team Trek-Segafredo, he took an emotional victory, his first of 2017 and also his last of an uncommon career!

Alberto Contador has won the Tour de France twice, the Giro Italia twice as well and three times the Vuelta Espana. He is one of the six professional cyclists having won the 3 main European tours!

Alberto-contador-824x400Hats Off off El Pistolero!

The cycling tracks will sure miss the great champion you are and will definitely remain!





COMPRESSPORT® acts like a muscle support and limits the muscular vibrations induced by the shocks with the ground.


The vibrations are known to cause muscle damage and accelerate fatigue during prolonged efforts. COMPRESSPORT® limiting the vibrations reduces the muscle damage and prevents the muscle fatigue. Consequently the prolonged performances are improved: trail running, marathon race…


Less muscle damage with COMPRESSPORT® means less inflammation and better subsequent recovery.

4/ ANTI-PAIN: -50 %

Less damage and inflammation with COMPRESSPORT® means less pain during the effort and prevented delayed muscle onset soreness during the subsequent recovery. 


Tendinitis, shin splints and muscular injuries are decreased when Compressport® is always used during the effort. Limiting vibrations, COMPRESSPORT® guarantees a better muscular maintain and ensure less stress on the tendons! Other explanations are due to hamodynamic (less inflammation), thermal (accelerated warm-up) or neuronal effects (better proprioceptive feedback). 

Alberto Contador Recovery Ride With Compressport



COMPRESSPORT® presses on the veins and activates the venous return at rest – like a pressure applied on a tube of toothpaste causing the past to rise outside the tube.


Activating the venous return COMPRESSPORT® improves the overall blood circulation and increases the muscle oxygenation. The muscles need oxygen to better recover!

3/ ANTI-TOXIN: -13 %

Venous return improvement resulting from using COMPRESSPORT® during recovery is also responsible for eliminating more quickly the toxins such as blood lactates. Consequently the recovery process is accelerated and the pain is reduced.

4/ ANTI-SWELLING: -100 %

Other consequence of venous return improvement with COMPRESSPORT® is that swelling of legs (which occurs when venous return is not activated especially in passive standing or sitting position or due to inflammation after an effort) is totally prevented! Thus COMPRESSPORT® guarantees athletes a feeling of light and fresh legs! Delayed muscle onset soreness and discomfort due to swelling and inflammation are also reduced!


Consequently to better recovery resulting from using COMPRESSPORT® the subsequent performances during tournament of fight and team sports or BMX and mountain bike are improved (+7 W for a second 5-min maximal cycling exercise preceded by a 15-min recovery with Compressport®).



… And will sure be the talk of the town next year. Back in their compression clothing they will definitely look for the best performances ever in spite of hardships and hurdles over the tracks. That`s what makes the beauty of the game!


Romain GUILLAUME is in top 5!



Strong winds and tough competition paved the Bahrain track where the last Ironman competition took place this 10th December. This Middle East second edition saw our team triathlete French Romain GUILLAUME fight all the odds and 800 more athletes to maintain a great 4th place at 3h48’29”.




Being 17th at the end of the race Pedro GOMES could nod have been more proud. And so are we!

After his win last week on the Western Australia Championship, Terenzo BOZZONE was unreachable in Bahrain.


 Caroline STEFFEN, the fighter!



Despite huge pressure from a tenacious Tina Deckers, our national Caroline did not let go at any time. After a combined finish time at 4h15`08” she won an uncontested and well-earned 3rd place.


Their end of year was awesome too… and compression clothing is no stranger to that!


There is no better than home to be at your best! Spanish Yeran Duran LOPEZ would not deny that as he finished 3rd on the 21-Km K42 Trail in Gran Canaria.

In the Maine, during the Millinocket Marathon, Mike WARDIAN had his say and climbed the third step of the podium.

On the other side of the world, in Madagascar, David HAUSS won the Nosy Be Trail. 

Last but not least, Aurélien DUNAND-PALAZ, comes 2nd at the Trail de Noel on the French Côte d’Azur.


Looking forward to 2017

With our partner athletes, 2016 was definitely a big year to live and we are sure 2017 will be great on the tracks all over the world. Compressport ® will strive to bring even more innovative compression apparel to the sports world.

To refresh on some of the remarkable results of 2016…

Read about  the Queen of Ironman

Follow Brent McMahon`s performance

Other Top Performances .. read more


Stay tuned fo the next results and continue to sport in and with Compressport®


More than just a tradition, Ironman France Nice is almost a legend. This year too our pro athletes stole the show and one man was going to make history!

Name : Van Lierde                  Surname: Frederik

Fred van lierde 824x400

It all started with a 3,8 Km-swim in the Mediterranean sea and in the top 3 who exited from the waters was Frederik at 00:49:21. The lead was enough for him to believe that the 180-Km bike run could take him even nearer to an overall win. In full control of his pedal pushes he managed his lead to the finish line in a tremendous 04:39:00, almost 15 mins ahead of the runner-up.


Once on his 42-Km run Frederik Van Lierde did not look back! Focusing on each meter ahead of him, soon the kilometres became just a piece of cake. In 2:57:19 he ran away to his 4th victory on the Ironman France track. He shared the podium with Italian Alessandro Degasperi (2nd) and French Denis Chevrot (3rd).

With this great victory Frederik is sending a signal that the World Championships will have to count with him!


With first place going to Frederik Van Lierde, Compressport was proud to place Victor DEL CORRAL in the 5th place and Arnaud GUILLOUX in the 6th place.

Compressport ® France takes pride in achieving a great job on the 2017 Ironman France Nice edition.

Looking forward to the next edition!


Compression socks on the skin and triathlon under the skin Brent McMahon could not have ask for more to be impressive! Coming from a sporting family, Brent McMahon has tried all individual and team sports, before finally settling permanently on the triathlon. He won an an Olympian medal twice, is a regular Ironman contestant, and since IM Brazil 2016, he secures supremacy as the 2nd fastest Ironman finisher in history. 

Multiple challenges triathlon offers and the way people commute around this sport attracted Brent McMahon to the discipline. To stay in shape and be ready to face the numerous hurdles this enduring sport activity might entail Brent works-out five to six hours per day to build strength and muscle in the most innovative compression apparel.

blog-dans-articleWhen he is not racing around the world, Brent McMahon lives life simply guided by the holy bible. During his spare time he renovates his home, listens to music and watches Jason Bourne fight for his identity! He describes himself as a compassionate person focused on doing the right things the right way. 

When he travels to the competitions he wears Compressport® Full Socks, his favourite compression socks in which he gets fast recovery and extreme well being after long enduring races.