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Combining strength and endurance on a 1h-game, squash is said to be an intense racket sport that puts under strain various muscles – calves, legs quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteal muscles, …

Compression Clothing on these specific areas will

a. relieve muscles of all toxins thus facilitating recovery

b. limit muscle oscillations and vibrations thus delaying injury.


2 compression-quad-Racket-Moving front and back of the court and always have your racket on the ball, quadriceps and hamstrings are the most sought of all muscles. The risks of injury are thus multiple if the muscles are not well geared. The Compression Quad specially designed for racket sports strengthens the legs, absorbs shocks and is a perfect guard to muscles, joints and tendons.



In racket sports such as Squash, quads, hamstrings and gluteal muscles have to be strong and will need support and comfort from the compression clothing in order to resist to effort. The Compression Underwear Short for Racket is the seamlessly sewn short apparel that will offer that much anti-muscle damage.



Playing squash means changing moves very minute of the game. In doing so the player’s ankles and feet are highly requisitioned and they will need to be compressed enough so blood flow stays stimulated, toxins eliminated and recovery quickened. The Play and Detox Full Socks, in a combination of innovative technologies and exclusive fibres, offer the ideal support and compression to the vital tendons and muscles.


4.-on-off-short-sleeve-top-RacketEven though, in squash, the upper body might not be that much sought as the feet and legs, it nevertheless has to be supported by the best compression top. Compressport`s On/Off Short Sleeve Top reinforces body posture during effort for perfect maintenance while regulating the body temperature so you can save energy to focus on the effort.

On the other hand, the Elbow Silicon Arm sleeves will give maximum support to the arms and prevent pains and such injuries as tendinitis.



Myrtille GEORGES
25 Years
WTA Rank :  192 (Single), 290 (Doubles)

Her major win in a WTA Grand Chelem Tour was in 2016 when she ousted American Christina Hale (67th WTA) from the first tour of Roland Garros and qualified for the second tour. To date she ranks herself 7th best French female player and has fixed the gal to reach the top 5 any sooner.

Since her young years in tennis she has been taking care of her physical form and with the new range of products from Compressport Racket she gets what she really needs for the care and safety of her muscles and joints.

824x400 In my Racket range of compression clothing I feel comfortable and protected. These specific products suit very well the sport I practise and in them I rest assured that performance and recovery are maximised. I frequently wear my compression clothing during my travels, to the great satisfaction of my coach Yves Rodet.

Tour de France Diet

What do riders eat during 21 days on LE TOUR?

When I started to study Sport Nutrition in Barcelona University that was my first motivation…study how these riders eat and drink. Now, I can tell you…

They spend around 7.000 to 8.000 kcal/day and need to recover it daily, and they need high level of energy before, during and after each stage. How to manage that? They eat natural food and energetic bars!!!!

They have breakfast around 3 hours and half before the start. Usually they have oatmeal with quinoa or white rice with quinoa. They also eat lots of white rice and quinoa during lunch and dinner. Why? White rice is 100% natural cereal, a fast source of carbohydrate and there is no gluten in the composition, which makes the organism absorption better. They also have quinoa, a vegetal protein and carbohydrate source that is also easy to digest and is full of vitamins and amino acids.

Two hours before the start of a stage they drink slow-release carbohydrates for energy. They will sip this half-liter concoction on the bus and in the morning’s start town to bring their day’s calorie count to around 1.000 before the gun even goes off. Most riders burn 600 to 900 calories an hour, but their bodies can process only 250 to 300 per hour.

During the stage they eat gels, chews, and energetic bars. Garmin, for example, cooks up batches of rice bars and starts to give riders homemade salty and sweet options. That’s great for them. In this way the riders go up to about 2,500 calories by the end of a stage.

After crossing the finish line, they start to re-hydrate, drink some water with soda and isotonic drink, to keep sugar and mineral salt back to the body.
Once back on the bus, they have their first recovery drink, a sweet and fruity carbohydrate mix, and containers of white rice and egg dishes. They have also an optional second recovery drink that is a chocolate-flavored and protein-packed to aide muscle repair on the drive to the next hotel.

Dinnertime is white rice again! A meal can be a light Thai curry over white rice, for example, as well as some vegetables for their antioxidants.

That final binge of the day adds about 2.500 calories and enables to replenish muscles energy stores, give muscles the necessary protein to rebuild, then start loading up for the next day’s effort.

The riders should eat a rich meal, but also a good test meal! The body and mind of these champions need to be happy to keep riding during the 21 days in maximum effort.

Compressport official supplier of Tinkoff Saxo !

Tinkoff Saxo riders will also use COMPRESSPORT® ON/FF Shirt and Trail Running Shirt for their workout. The 1st Layer shirt is both breathable and compressive thanks to the ON/OFF Technology, while the Trail Running Short is comfortable, light and compressive on specific areas to improve blood oxygenation and delay muscle fatigue.

Article1TinkoffSaxo (3)

Compression is key in the recovery process of pro riders, be it during travels, training periods, classics or Grand Tours. COMPRESSPORT® will work closely with the Teams and the riders to develop or improve existing products to better match to the specificities of the sport of cycling. 

Article1TinkoffSaxo (7)

Tinkoff Saxo Pro Cycling Team



The Ultra Trail World Tour Series went for a second round this weekend in the beautiful scenery of Tarawera, North of New Zealand. Across lakes, forests and waterfalls, our athletes were at their best and crossed the finish line in the top ten.

Gediminas Grinius`s Trail Year starts well in his compression clothing !

After 8:23:16, our partner athlete Gediminas Grinius grasps the 5th place, and in so doing shapes his trail year in a very convincing manner. This 5th place at the UTWT bodes well for the upcoming trail events.

Gediminas-824x400Since take-off, the pace was high, printed by an unbeatable Jim Walmsley who swept away any attempt to close up on him. He finished the race 45 minutes ahead of the runner-up.

In the top 10, Michael WARDIAN, after his last week 7-day marathon challenge finished 8th, while in the women`s league…

Fernanda-824x400Fernanda Maciel stopped the chrono at 10:24:03 and earns a more than honourable 7th place.

Majell-824x400In the 62-Km  race, Majell Backhausen claims a tremendous win with a chrono of 5:04:26.

The Coastal Challenge is ON!

6 days of racing, 230 Kms, beautiful scenery and compression clothing … the stage is set in Costa Rica for one of the most inspiring and gruelling races.

Our partner athlete, Costa Rican Erick Aguëro, beat the odds – a mix of technical bits, humidity and heat – to secure a 3rd place on the podium of the first stage.

Gabi Molina`s first experience of the Coastal Challenge brings her a solid 10th place at 4:21:14.

Meanwhile in Turkey…

… the 3rd round of the ISMF World Cup took place with a combination of on and off track race and some challenging 1700 vertical meters. Race conditions were perfect!

The 2-days event saw an interesting mano a mano among our three main partner athletes.

William-Bon W. Bon MARDION – 3rd and 5th


Alexis SEVENNEC – 5th and 9th


Nadir MAGUET –  6th and 3rd 

Other results 

At Barcelona`s ½ Marathon, Jaume Leiva and Marta Esteban Poveda ran fast and finished first.

Compressport Triathlon Shirt

If you’ve always wanted a comfortable and controlling racing shirt that stays dry, in place and doesn’t irritate, pleasant to wear whatever the outside temperature and helps you breathe better…Then look no further, COMPRESSPORT® has engineered it for you! And just like all the COMPRESSPORT® products, the TRIATHLON SHIRT has been designed, tested and produced, not only to be comfortable and pleasant to wear but also to allow athletes to be at the top of their performance!

Triathlon Shirt

Pleasant to wear : 

For optimum comfort, the microfibre body of the TRIATHLON SHIRT is seamless, lightweight and very soft. Away with irritation and rubbing in sensitive areas. Its V-neck fits all sizes thereby preventing any discomfort around the neck.

Optimum thermoregulation : 

Its one-of-a-kind weave enhances air circulation giving rise to an optimum outside/inside balance. Therefore the body is always at the same temperature with no sudden surges or drops. Genuine protection in winter from the cold and in summer from the heat – it will become your second skin.

Always dry ! 

The water-repellent fibre evacuates perspiration without absorbing it even when excessive. No more uncomfortable heavy, damp clothing that irritates and doesn’t dry.

And always fresh!

The targeted fabric-mesh layout allows for ventilation of special zones contributing to accelerated refreshing of the body and guaranteed accelerated evacuation of damp. The mesh structure on the shoulders evacuates body heat and perspiration meaning you stay dry regardless of the outside temperature and the intensity and duration of effort.

triathlon shirt

Special bacteriostatic and anti-odour fibre

The special fibre ensures effective protection from bacteria and naturally prevents unpleasant odors and irritations from developing. The efficacy remains even after several washes.

Lotto Soudal, 1ST at Tour Of Poland

Tour of Poland is a World Tour race. All our teams were racing there and we had great results everyday with stage victories and/or podiums.



IAM Cycling was the only team winning two stages. The regularity of Lotto Soudal riders gave to the team the first place of the team classification.

Compressport and Tour de Pologne in figures:

Stage victories: 4

  • x2 M.Pelucchi (IAM Cycling)
  • M.Bodnar (TinkoffSaxo)
  • Clerq (Lotto Soudal)

2nd place: 3

3rd place: 5

  • N.Bonifazio (Lampre Merida)
  • G.Nizzolo (Trek Factory Racing),
  • T.VanAsbroeck (LottoNLJumbo)
  • S.Reinchenbach (IAM Cycling)
  • R.Flens (LottoNLJumbo)

1st Team classification: Lotto Soudal
GC podium: 2nd Bart de Clerq (Lotto Soudal)

Crédit photo : ©PhotoNews


Who else but our long-time in-house Trail partner Casey MORGAN to go fight for the first place in the inaugural 9 Dragons Ultra, which took place in Hong Kong this weekend.

Casey-824x400The more the race is difficult, the more challenging it is for Casey. Once he took the lead on the first day of competition he never let go even though Vlad Ixel won the second stage!

Overall Casey stopped the chrono at 16:51:13 more than 30 minutes ahead of the runner-up, John Ellis.


… And their supremacy suffered no challenge!


First, Marcel KITTLE, licensee of Quick-Step Floors sweeps over the Dubai Tour like a maestro, snatching 3 of the 4 stages at stake. With this win, Marcel claims his 75th victory and signs one of the 10 victories of Quick-Step Floors of this early 2017.


Dylan GROENEWGEN of LottoNL-Jumbo and John DEGENKOLB of  Trek-Segafredo took the 2nd and 3rd places on the podium.

This weekend it also happened…

Ludovic POMMERET returned from another snow race at Montgenèvre with a big win.

LudovicIn Gran Canaria, Dani SANTANA wins the 42-Km Ruta de Los Molinos…


while Jordi GAMITO wins the Marathon of Trail Porto Moriz in his trail compression clothing.

What`s next ?

  • The ISMF World Cup continues in Turkey.
  • The UTWT Tarawera will take place in New Zealand

    Stay tuned to our next report of Compressport® team achievements. 

How important is recovery within cycling?

How important is recovery within cycling?

BMX, mountain bike or cycling track:

One day long competition includes multiples efforts – series and finals  – repeated in a short period of time. Many disciplines are concerned such as BMX, mountain bike or cycling track. Each time, you accumulate blood toxins and your energy reserves decrease, causing leg pains and the fatigue to appear earlier for subsequent performances. In consequence you have to find solution to stay strong for finals!

Multi-stages races or training camps

Prolonged and hard efforts such as an Alpine stage induce muscle damage followed by a slow and painful recovery. The full restoration of the damage requires inflammatory processes and edema which cause delayed onset muscle soreness: DOMS with peak after 48 h. The DOMS may be extremely uncomfortable and last up to 5 days. Walking normally becomes difficult and go down the stairs is almost impossible! The fatigue is installed and you have to wait some days before to perform again! Consequently you have to quickly react!


What role can compression garments play within recovery?

The gravity causes the blood to stagnate in the legs. To allow the blood return to the heart, the veins are used and the calf plays a key role. When the calf muscles contract they press on the veins and activates the venous return – like a pressure applied on a tube of toothpaste causing the past to rise outside tube.

Without sufficient full calf contraction (it is the case during recovery), the blood will accumulate in the legs causing their swelling with pain and discomfort aggravating recovery process with more inflammation, muscle damage and DOMS. Who never felt a sensation of heavy legs after a long trip in plane or car (after a competition but also before)?!

Pressing on the muscles the Compressport compression reinforces continuously the pump action of the calves. Consequently the venous return is improved: the blood circulation is increased +20 %, the swelling is prevented: -100 % and the pain and discomfort are deleted!


What is the science behind compression garments effect on an cyclists muscles?

BMX, mountain bike or cycling track:

To stay strong for finals help your body – use the compression! Indeed the venous return improvement observed with Compressport causes an increase of the overall circulation. Consequently compared with a passive recovery, the muscular oxygen supply (necessary to restore the energy reserves) is improved: +25 % and the toxins removal is facilitated: 13 % of lactate in less after 15 min. In conclusion the recovery process is accelerated and the subsequent performances are improved: +7 W for a second 5-min maximal trial repeated after 15 min.

Multi-stages races or training camps

Improving the venous return, Compressport prevents the blood stagnation and therefore the inflammation and edema: -100 %. Consequently, the extent of muscle damage is reduced and the DOMS are limited: -50 %. You will be ready to perform again!

20150707052425 (2)

Compressport recommendations

For quickly eliminating the toxins, restoring the energy reserves and preventing the inflammation and DOMS you have to compress your tired muscles. The best product to recover for short periods (until 2 h) is the Compressport Full Legs. For longer periods or when you stay still (long trip in plane or bus) you will have to use the Compressport Full Socks V2: need to compress the foot to prevent the blood stagnation at this level.


References: Compressport was subject to more 10 scientific published studies. If you have any question do not hesitate to contact me.


COMPRESSPORT® is proud to confirm its presence in the peloton partnering with 8 UCI Pro Teams for 2015. 

COMPRESSPORT® will supply pro cycling teams among the best in the world, including:

  • Etixx-Quick Step (EQS, Belgium)
  • FDJ (FDJ, France)
  • IAM Cycling (IAM, Switzerland)
  • Lampre-Merida (LAM, Italy)
  • Lotto Soudal (LTS, Belgium)
  • Team LottoNL-Jumbo (TLJ, Netherlands)
  • Tinkoff-Saxo (TCS, Russia)
  • Trek Factory Racing (TFR, USA)

Logo Equipes Cyclistes

Compression is key in the recovery process of pro riders, be it during travels, training periods, classics or Grand Tours. We’ll work closely with the Teams and the riders to develop or improve existing products to better match to the specificities of the sport of cycling.
Teams will use:
  • Pro Racing Armsleeves
  • Full Legs
  • ForQuad
  • R2 calf sleeves
  • Full Socks V2
The Swiss cycling team IAM Cycling, which recently got its Pro Tour License, will also race with : 
  • Pro Racing Socks Bike in both Standard and UltraLight version 
  • ON/OFF shirts as base layer
COMPRESSPORT® also launches Team Replica product lines for each of its teams allowing fans to use the same compression products as their favorite teams and riders. Born in Switzerland in 2008, COMPRESSPORT ® is the benchmark product in the sports compression market. It is the only brand to offer seamless products specially designed and developed for each different muscle chains.
COMPRESSPORT® is recognized as a leader in compression thanks to the technical features and unique designs of its product range and their quality. Developed in Switzerland, all the compression products are manufactured in Europe. As the official Compression Partner of many World Class triathletes and trail runners and with this new sensational high performance alliance with 8 UCI Pro Teams, COMPRESSPORT® continues its breakaway in the cycling market.
See you soon on the road of the most prestigious cycling races in the world!