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Compression clothing is proving more than successful in racket sports, their benefits having since long gone beyond the borders of endurance sports such as trail running and triathlon.

Compressport® has understood the specific needs of racket athletes and comes forward with a specific range of compression clothing.

Compression covers two phases of sports activities…

? During Effort

? Recovery After Effort

… and benefits each phase in different ways but with only one main goal… IMPROVE PERFORMANCE!

How does Compression Clothing benefit Racket Sports?


During Effort compressive apparel stimulates blood flow forward and backwards so it does not stagnate in the muscles and does not cause toxins to build up. Moreover, shocks are absorbed and muscle tears are limited.

Practising racket sports demands that athletes achieve good equilibrium while jumping to smash and landing to receive the ball. Compression clothing helps achieve this.

Wearing compressive gear After Effort wicks away curvatures and muscle pain thus facilitating recovery. The elbow having been put on tremendous strain on the racket, having the appropriate arm sleeve will help.

Compressport`s Racket range of products has been developed in exclusive fibres, ultra-fine and elastic and adapt to the moves of racket athletes on the courts.

?  protection of the arms, especially at elbow level in the Elbow Silicon Armforce

?  protective guard to the knees and calves in the Pro Silicon R2


For a tennis player, a more-than-2H match will put strain on muscles and definitely on the elbow. Wearing compression apparel will limit injuries by almost 30% and delay fatigue. Silicone inserts in some of Compressport ® outfits help protect joints.

Compression clothing facilitates a better venous return and thermo-regulates body temperature.


Myrtille GEORGES
25 Years
WTA Rank :  192 (Single), 290 (Doubles)

Her major win in a WTA Grand Chelem Tour was in 2016 when she ousted American Christina Hale (67th WTA) from the first tour of Roland Garros and qualified for the second tour. To date she ranks herself 7th best French female player and has fixed the gal to reach the top 5 any sooner.

Since her young years in tennis she has been taking care of her physical form and with the new range of products from Compressport Racket she gets what she really needs for the care and safety of her muscles and joints.

824x400 In my Racket range of compression clothing I feel comfortable and protected. These specific products suit very well the sport I practise and in them I rest assured that performance and recovery are maximised. I frequently wear my compression clothing during my travels, to the great satisfaction of my coach Yves Rodet.


One of the last recruits in Compressport team this year is Chloé Mésic, squash professional. Her route to squash has been more than unusual. Destined to climbing sports, she gets herself caught-up in squash because her mother missed the inscription date for climbing!

Not so much enthusiast at the beginning, Chloé finally took a liking – and rightfully indeed – to squash and today ranks herself 3rd best French female player, 63rd World best and medalist at the last world championships with the French Team.

Chloé Mésic confesses being a regular user of compression clothing since she discovered Compressport`s range of products.

These past 6 years, I have been using the compression running products and have been delighted by them. I wear them during my training sessions and when I`m playing a match. When the Racket range was designed I voluntarily proposed to represent the brand.

What do you find in compression clothing?

Compression clothing has many increasing benefits both during my training sessions and during matches. I never let go of my Full Socks when I travel because they limit leg swelling and numbness. They are comfortable to wear and last long. Mine are as good as new after 6 years service!

My R2 calf sleeves are essential at keeping my legs as light as possible during intense continuous effort. I always wear them while working oit before a match. They limit muscle vibrations and give support to my Achilles tendon which is highly stained in squash.

824x400The Quad and Underwear Compression Short make a unique compressive duo on my thighs, giving support, compression and comfort. The light and comfortable On/Off T-shirt keeps the body in perfect posture and straight irrespective of fatigue and when the back is under strain.

How do you prepare yourself before a match and how do you prevent injury?

I have been fortunate enough not to be injured since I began squash. A rational reason to that would be my genetic disposition – solid and flexible joints. I also work on my biomechanics by adopting the ideal way of moving on the court so as to limit injury. Last but not least, I take good care of my diet, my recovery and medical check-ups. Compressport Racket products help a lot in the recovery process – electro-simulation, massage and stretching.


What are your future goals?

First, be in the World Top 40, win my first international PSA Tour, make it ot the podium during the French Elite championship and be European Champion with my team.


At only 23 of age the French badminton player, Gaëtan MITTELHEISSER is already smashing performances in various championships around the world. French National mixed doubles title and 3rd place at the 2013 Mediterranean Games are his most notorious wins.


In 2016 Compressport signed for a partnership with French Badminton Federation. But Gaetan Mittelheisser was already acquainted with our range of compression clothing specially designed for racket sports. Following a painful twist of fate – a thigh injury – Gaëtan discovered the benefits and efficiency of compression and since then only swears by it!

To protect his injured thigh he wears the Compression Short Underwear and the Quad, finding in them a relief to his hamstring weakness. In them he appreciates the fact that fatigue is delayed.  Practising badminton can be harsh on the arms and to  guard them against shocks and vibrations Gaëtan trusts the Elbow Silicon Armforce, the compression armsleeve par excellence.


Combining strength and endurance on a 1h-game, squash is said to be an intense racket sport that puts under strain various muscles – calves, legs quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteal muscles, …

Compression Clothing on these specific areas will

a. relieve muscles of all toxins thus facilitating recovery

b. limit muscle oscillations and vibrations thus delaying injury.


2 compression-quad-Racket-Moving front and back of the court and always have your racket on the ball, quadriceps and hamstrings are the most sought of all muscles. The risks of injury are thus multiple if the muscles are not well geared. The Compression Quad specially designed for racket sports strengthens the legs, absorbs shocks and is a perfect guard to muscles, joints and tendons.



In racket sports such as Squash, quads, hamstrings and gluteal muscles have to be strong and will need support and comfort from the compression clothing in order to resist to effort. The Compression Underwear Short for Racket is the seamlessly sewn short apparel that will offer that much anti-muscle damage.



Playing squash means changing moves very minute of the game. In doing so the player’s ankles and feet are highly requisitioned and they will need to be compressed enough so blood flow stays stimulated, toxins eliminated and recovery quickened. The Play and Detox Full Socks, in a combination of innovative technologies and exclusive fibres, offer the ideal support and compression to the vital tendons and muscles.


4.-on-off-short-sleeve-top-RacketEven though, in squash, the upper body might not be that much sought as the feet and legs, it nevertheless has to be supported by the best compression top. Compressport`s On/Off Short Sleeve Top reinforces body posture during effort for perfect maintenance while regulating the body temperature so you can save energy to focus on the effort.

On the other hand, the Elbow Silicon Arm sleeves will give maximum support to the arms and prevent pains and such injuries as tendinitis.



Lucas Mazur was 3 years’ old when an AVC left him with an ankle deformity… and an unfailing optimism!

16 years later, Lucas is 3-time European champion and all-category reigning World champion (Simple, Double, Mixed Double) in his sport: PARA-BADMINTON and nothing seems to distract him from his goals:

• safeguard his World Champion title

• be a Para-Olympic Champion at Tokyo-2020 … or Paris-2024!

2017 will be a year of all challenges for Lucas and Compressport® is proud to be part of this adventure. 

CS: What has motivated your choice of Compressport®  compression clothing?

LM: When the Racket range of products was put on trial and test by the French Badminton Team I was impressed by the results, which completely convinced me of the benefits they bestow on performance. Since then I have not let go of my Racket products.

CS: How does Compression Clothing prove beneficial to your performance?

LM: My must-have products are the Quad, the Underwear Short, the On/Off Shirt and the Armforce. They allow me to be in good posture always and to support my muscles during effort. Because of my impairment, my back is much under strain when I go after the shuttlecock. My compression garments delay fatigue, limit injuries and protect my muscles.


CS: When do you use your compression clothing?

LM: Each garment accommodates my needs and I wear each as per the state of fatigue I find myself in and the level of recovery I wish to attain. 30 minutes before a match I wear my apparel to warm up, play in and recover in them 30 minutes after the match.

CS: Would you say that  Racket products contributed to your latest performances?

LM: Definitely! And that`s why I have renewed my trust in them. The sport that I practise requests that my physical condition be always at its best and compression clothing is of great help in my case.

CS: What`s on your agenda in 2017?

LM: I am preparing myself and working serenely at enrolling on the World Championship in Korea in November next. To do so, I will have to negotiate all the anterior tournaments: Spain, Turkey, Ireland, Japan, Peru and USA. 2017 will have to be better than 2016 and I have no intention of letting go of my world champion title.


It is no coincidence that the French Federation of Badminton chooses Compressport Racket as official partner and supplier as far as compression clothing is concerned.

Fabrice VALLET, deputy technical director at INSEP, in charge of French Badminton sports activities, speaks about the benefits badminton players will get from the whole range of Racket products.


With Peter Gade as head of staff, we are working at strengthening various aspects of the game around physical workout, prevention and recovery. We have to prepare the athletes reach the best performances, free of injury as far as possible. One of the efficient ways of achieving this is to equip our teams with the best compression apparel on the market and we believe Compressport Racket offers key advantages. Each product works at improving performance, delays fatigue and protects. Playing badminton requires that you jump a lot, constantly change directions, even more when matches linger. Compressport has understood the needs of our athletes and has adapted their compression clothing to the specificities of racket sports. Our athletes have completely adhered to the idea and will definitely be wearing the Racket products during the next European tournaments.