Full socks

Full Socks Ultralight

Full Socks Ultralight
The world's lightest full socks hit the market! 22 grams of prefect compression and pure efficiency for an ultimate goal: pure performance and lightness while biking under very hot temperatures.

Full socks V2.1

Full socks V2.1
An exclusive blend of fibres and a response to endurance athletes` specific requirements make these full socks. This pair of socks offering comfort, lightness and breathability has earned its place among the best compression apparel.

Full socks limited editions

Smart Socks – Pierra Menta Été

Smart Socks - Pierra Menta Été
La FULL SOCKS V2 présente le profil de pression idéal pour la récupération post-effort. Son gradient dégressif du bas vers le haut (inspiré de la compression médicale) et la pression forte qu’elle applique au niveau des muscles du mollets sont des éléments déterminants dans l’amélioration du retour veineux.

Ultra-Trail Full Socks Racing – UTMB® 2015

Ultra-Trail Full Socks Racing - UTMB® 2015
The Compressport Full Socks Racing UTMB® 2015 Ltd Edition are a must have foot accessory for any endurance athlete. By absorbing shocks and vibrations of muscles, veins and joints, it will increase the possibilities of resistance to effort. Mesh areas have been added around the ankle, the top of the foot and the toe box for lightness and comfort.