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Compression socks on the skin and triathlon under the skin Brent McMahon could not have ask for more to be impressive! Coming from a sporting family, Brent McMahon has tried all individual and team sports, before finally settling permanently on the triathlon. He won an an Olympian medal twice, is a regular Ironman contestant, and since IM Brazil 2016, he secures supremacy as the 2nd fastest Ironman finisher in history. 

Multiple challenges triathlon offers and the way people commute around this sport attracted Brent McMahon to the discipline. To stay in shape and be ready to face the numerous hurdles this enduring sport activity might entail Brent works-out five to six hours per day to build strength and muscle in the most innovative compression apparel.

blog-dans-articleWhen he is not racing around the world, Brent McMahon lives life simply guided by the holy bible. During his spare time he renovates his home, listens to music and watches Jason Bourne fight for his identity! He describes himself as a compassionate person focused on doing the right things the right way. 

When he travels to the competitions he wears Compressport® Full Socks, his favourite compression socks in which he gets fast recovery and extreme well being after long enduring races. 

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