Our Pro Athletes in Ski-Mountaineering , Trail Running, Cycling were after the lightest possible baselayer with maximum thermoregulation.
3D Knitting Structure

The 3D knitting structure regulates temperature variations and helps the body to keep an even temperature to perform at its best.

The 3D knitting generates thermo layers composed of ventilation channels and air cushions. Thanks to these different layers, the garment is not in direct contact with the skin. It enables a flow of ventilated air and acts as a thermo regulator between the skin and the outside air.

The outside air is thermo regulated before reaching the skin and sweat is easily wicked away.

Optimal Thermoregulation for maximum performance The 3D Thermo Ultralight Shirt is the ideal base layer for cold protection and to stay dry. It enables the body to perform at its maximum potential in cold environments: The body will not need to spend energy to regulate its temperature but to use this energy to perform at its best!

TRUE STORY The request: we wanted to create a versatile headtube providing protection from cold and heat, and that could be used as a headtube, a hat and a muffler and all with the COMMPRESSPORT 3D seamless technology for maximum lightness and heat control.

TRUE PRODUCT The result: the first Headtube with COMPRESSPORT 3D thermo Ultra-light technology. Its seamless structure and exclusive 3D weave provide optimal lightness and heat control to protect you all way from the Sahara to Mont Blanc!



Spin Control

3D Patch

Your COMPRESSPORT® do not retain water and will remain featherlight in all conditions. For optimum comfort, the microfibre body of the TRIATHLON SHIRT is 100% seamless, lightweight and very soft. Woven directly into the fabric, the light Spin Control compression zone helps to hold you up straight during workout, realign the shoulders, remain in the proper position even during long workouts. The long-sleeve and short-sleeve models include 3D patches providing localized, maintained compression to the muscles of the arm (biceps) and the forearm (supinator and pronator teres), and providing optimum shock absorption as well as an anti-vibration effect.

Protection from cold, heat, insects, dust and absorption of perspiration. The 3D Thermo Ultra-Light Headtube is a new and vital element for outings in all weather conditions

This versatile, ultra-elastic headband never loses its shape and you can give free rein to your creativity by trying out the different positions and thicknesses.

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in the most extreme races.

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