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Michael Wardian – The World Marathon Challenge Champion


Even though Michael has already performed in similar format races such as the Marathon des Sables and the Coastal Challenge, this event takes place under very harsh conditions.

“I chose the World Marathon Challenge because I thought it would push me to the limits of what I was capable of and it scared me as I didn’t know if I could accomplish it.”


The World Marathon Challenge is a logistical and physical challenge to run seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. To do so and achieve performance one has to be well equipped to fight jet lags, sleepless nights and sudden temperature fluctuations from one continent to the other.

On the 7-continents-7-Race challenge Michael WARDIAN trusted 3 major products of Compressport®`s trail range of products:

•   the thermo-regulating Armforce arm sleeves to stay warm
•   the anti-fatigue R2V2 calf sleeves to run faster and longer
•   the shock-absorbing Quad sleeves for limited injury and fast recovery.

It all began on the White Continent by -20°

A whole challenge for Michael, among Antarctica’s glaciers, as the weather conditions were very harsh with strong winds and cold temperatures.

“I was really worried about the cold as I tend to prefer running in warmer temperatures.”

From the Ice Marathon via a Warmer Marathon…

… more precisely in Puerta Arenas, Chile where the first marathon on roads, along the sea, right in the centre of the city, took place.

“I got to meet the mayor of Punta Arenas and his daughter at the finish line, they even presented me with a medal from the city!”

… Mike reached Hometown to be at his Best!

Miami`s race was the fastest he ran for the entire 7-continent trip!


Local boy Michael was at home, delighted to be able to run the 3rd stage in front of his countrymen, a dream come true as he puts it explicitly:

“Getting to run with the hometown crowd was surreal.”

He then Crossed the Atlantic to reach Madrid… 

… where he landed in a picturesque park for a piece of fun and run – he crossed the finish line after 2:42:35 and 42.2 Km.

“It was a really beautiful race. We had some fans come out and that made the time go by really quickly.”

Hopping on the next charter he paved Africa`s wilderness

… for the 5th stage held in Marrakech, next to the famous Atlas Mountains. There, Mike, with all his acolytes, ran around a park amongst local plants and extraordinary wildlife.

Leaving Africa`s wilderness for Dubai`s Skyscrapers… 

… our Champion ran for one of  the highlights of this challenge – the Dubai Marathon – along the beach with no shade. The hot temperature complicated the challenge even more.

“This was probably my toughest race”.

 Before heading back South for the Final Stage !


The Sydney marathon in Australia had all the runners push their limits to an extreme no one expected.

“I had a good race and was able to win it! Then since I was so close, I did an extra 17 miles so that I could get to 200 miles for the week… Epic way to finish an incredible week”

Michael Wardian completed the 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days with a 2:45:57 average time in the World Marathon Challenge. An unequalled record yet!


The Ultra Trail is back again in 2018! 4 races, around 8000 participants, amateurs, semi-pros, pros … all the prerequisites will be reunited to make the event – once again – a lifetime adventure. If you are an enthusiastic and unconditional “lifelong participant” of the event you will sure not miss this year`s festival crossing the Mont Blanc from France to Switzerland via Italy.

To optimize performance, to delay muscle fatigue, to reduce risks of injury and to speed recovery on such a arduous trail track as the UTMB®, athletes will need the most innovative apparel and equipment. The trail event has established a list of non-exhaustive mandatory equipment that :

– would protect against the erratic weather conditions that prevail on mountains,

– would ensure the best performance

– would protect against muscle damage and injury

– would assure maximum security.


UTMB® Mandatory Equipment for a hassle-free Trail

One missing item might cause an unwanted disqualification. To avoid such misfortune make sure you have these following mandatories (among others)  before you head to the trail.

– A waterproof jacket fitted with a hood

– Long-legged trousers or race leggings

– Food reserve

– Warm clothing

For the complete list please refer here, make sure you have everything here : UTMB® Mandatory Equipment .


UTMB Mandatory Equipment


Mont Blanc is the Target – The Right Fit is the Key

Long ascents, difficult steeps, stone-fields, difficult weather conditions, altitudes… all these qualify the Mont Blanc tracks and being well equipped is a MUST if you want to reach the finish line, if not at least perform!

Compressport is an official partner of the event since long and has developed innovative compressive trail running products  that meet the UTMB® requirements.

In your trail sportswear you will need to guard your muscles against vibrations and damage as the mountainous track will prove less than flat.  Befit yourself with best  calf sleeves  that will work both during effort for the best of performances and after effort for the fastest of recovery.

The race will be very hard and staying focus on the run will be no picnic at all.  Muscles will have to breathe constantly you will need to be free in your movements. Get the best full leggings that will guarantee supreme comfort while at the same time ensure you get ventilation enough.

On the mountain, elements can and will go erratic! Temperatures will vacillate between 0 and 35! Do not forget your racing hoodie that offers the best protection while at the same time cause no hindrance to your effort.

Last but not least, do not forget to pack up for the longest autonomy possible on the tracks. In addition to your backpack, the Free Belt Pro would be the ideal organizer for all your personal belongings.




After Effort Comes Comfort – if you are well equipped!

Surviving the world`s biggest trail running race will mean going through brutal courses, stay in strong legs and quads all through and be a great finisher with the less possible muscle damage and injury.

To chill out after your journey on the UTMB® trail one must-have in your backpack shall be some innovative efficient full socks  that will be aerate and ensure maximum freshness. After effort those same socks shall be able to evacuate toxins and thus avoid soreness and swelling.

Live the UTMB® experience in the right equipment : the 2018 Limited edition by COMPRESSPORT.




Useful links – The Experience is Unique

During the races, follow your favorite athletes here : Athlete tracker

If you want more information on the event, the other activities surrounding the festival, the prevailing meteo, etc, pay a visit here : Chamonix Mont-Blanc and make yourself a first impression of what could be the adventure of a lifetime !

Look for the programme here : UTMB® Week programme

Wearing Compression helps Finish the UTMB® – A scientifically-proven fact

Every year, during August`s last weekend, the best trail runners together with numerous amateurs around the world gather at Chamonix to take part in the Mont Blanc Ultra-Trail UTMB®.

You will be more than 2500 to be sharing the same dream: go round the Mont-Blanc in less than 2 days! Even though each of you have been training thoroughly for months, half of UTMB® participants will not reach the finish line (an average of 46 % exactly since the first race in 2004).


Totally excessive and disproportioned, the mythic trail event (170km-track, more than 10 000m of positive altitude, crossings of more than 2500 m and occasional adverse weather conditions : night, wind, cold, rain, snow) requires, in addition to the best training, full personal autonomy and the mandatory apparel and equipment.


That`s why Compressport®  is present on each event by bringing innovative sportswear and offering solutions to help you achieve the ultimate goal. Compression by Compressport® backed by scientifically-proven results guarantees that :

 You`ll have more Chance to Finish UTMB®!

From 2013 to 2016 finishers of the UTMB® wore more compression than those who dropped out early (Buche et al. 2018).


?   You`ll Make it to the Top of the Table!

During 2013 à 2016 editions of the UTMB®,  compression was mostly worn by those ranking high in the  results table (Buche et al. 2018).

?   Less risk of Injuries, More chance to Finish your Race!

Risks of injury (shin splints, tendonitis…) are reduced (-29 %) when compression is worn during workouts  (Ménétrier et al. 2014).




If you are heading for UTMB® 2018 you most probably have gone through highly mental preparation and tough physical training while keeping in mind one single and strong goal – CROSS THE FINISH LINE!

To do so you will need the adequate equipment that would :

•  Protect  against weather and climate whims

•  Help withstand pain and muscle fatigue

•  Prevent injuries and achieve fast recovery.

Compressport® has developed a dozen of compression trail products specially dedicated to the UTMB ® 2018 under the aegis of Innovation, Technology and Know-how.


The revisited range of compression products caters for

•   Muscle oxygenation

•   Maximum Ventilation & Breathability

•   Targeted Compression

•   Muscle Support and Protection

For the fifth time this year, Compressport® is the official provider of compression and socks to the UTMB® event.