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Triathlon Apparel on XXL Challenge Roth – perfect match!

Compressport`s triathlon apparel on one of the most XXL challenging and notorious races inevitably brings no other than good results. Kaisa Sali could not deny that!

This year again Challenge Roth attracted the cream of the cream of triathletes from around the world to brave the 3 in 1 race: a 3,8Km swim, followed by a 180Km biking and finally a 42Km run.

Kaisa Sali trusted her famous triathlon apparel – she did well!

triathlon-apparel-kaisa-sali-challenge-rothOn race day our Finnish triathlete, Kaisa Sali aimed for a podium result and to do so wore the best triathlon apparel  she signed with.

It was a strong ride by Kaisa, who remained in contention of the top 5 at the end of the bike. On the run she unleashed her best weapon, to chip away at the lead. Within a few kilometres of the last run she succeeded in bridging the gap and ran the fastest pace in the field to finish 3rd. 



German Daniela Sämmler won the challenge while Britain Lucy Charles was runner-up.