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It was a British sweep on the podium of IRONMAN® Lanzarote this 20th May 2017 and 24-year-old Lucy Charles was on the top step! She came to the competition as the “one to beat” and she did not deceive her fans! All the conditions were perfect on the Spanish Island: the sunny track, the good wind and the ambiance.


Lanzarote-824x400COMPRESSPORT® teammate since 2016, Lucy exited from the swim race at the 6th place, with a time of 47.06, only 8 seconds behind the fastest male swimmer! The adrenaline rushed on and Lucy needed no more to stay focused and post a new bike course record at 05:23:29.

LUCY-CHARLES-824x400 2Since her first participation on IRONMAN® Lanzarote in 2016 where she finished 3rd, Lucy CHARLES has progressed like no other and on the 2017 edition she had only one goal: mark the minds of all! With a dominant gap between her and the next fast contender, Lucy tactically slowed down the pace on the marathon run, eased herself in a good rhythm and took control from the front. Her already-gained lead was never threatened though she did not finish her run first.

This 22nd of May 2017 would be her day and she was determined to be Queen of the day! At 9:35:40 she takes the biggest victory of her young career. In her compression clothing, particularly her COMPRESSPORT® R2V2 calf sleeves, the win was inevitable.

The British Podium also included Corinne ABRAHAM (2nd)  and Lucy GOSSAGE (3rd).


On one of Europe`s up-and-coming triathlon hotspots came Emma PALLANT who after her tremendous win on the Gran Canaria Challenge and her 2nd place on Ironman® 70.3 Mallorca, wanted to play it fast and strong in Barcelona.

Emma-pallant-824x400Exiting the water in 4th place, she got on her bike and fought back for no less but the 2nd place. Foot down, she went on to grasp one big win, putting 3 minutes between her and runner-up Natalie Seymour.


… and signs a 3-year partnership with Compressport® branded line of triathlon wear.

“I am really excited to partner with Compressport® in 2017… I have always aligned myself with brands that seek to bring quality and innovation to the sport of triathlon, so working with Compressport is an easy and exciting opportunity.”

The Colorado Kid has come a long way since he first set foot on a tri track at the age of 15! 16 years later Cameron DYE is a force to be reckoned with on the World Circuit.

When he fist started to try himself at swim runs and races his only modest ambition was to be his hometown hero, and to be among those few Boulder pros to make it to the regionals!

Fan of the Olympic distances, his limits went far beyond the Boulder region! With a long track record that starts with Olympic Distance events, passionate Cameron DYE was eager for more adrenaline surges.


After a standout 2012 season during which his best performances included tremendous wins at the New York City Triathlon and the Toyota Cup Series he was recognised 2012 Non-Olympic/ITU Triathlete of the year by USA Triathlon.

Cameron DYE as partner amongst already-famed Compressport® Team is definitely an event! For the following three years Dye will be wearing his customized compression clothing together with other Compressport branded products and accessories. And we look forward to fantastic performances together on the World`s tracks!


UTMB® is a mythical race and those who take the challenge every year since 2004 are unanimous to admit that it’s a unique experience at the heart of the Mont Blanc massif. An adventure that requires stamina and passion to be able to cross the mental and physical limits and reach the finish line. The statistics to date show that 54% of the UTMB® participants end their race. To participate in the best conditions, honour this mythical race (170 km, 10500 m d+ and d- to accomplish in less than 46 h 30 minutes) and be on the safe side, trail runners have to prepare themselves rigorously.

Many studies have already put light on the fact that compression-embedded garment helps in improving aerodynamics. At Compressport® we believe that compression clothing, designed specifically for trail runners, meet their expectations : shock absorption, limited risks of injury, lesser muscular damage, etc. We have put the theory to the test.

To Be or Not To Be a UTMB® Finisher, that`s the question!

A study has been carried on the last four UTMB® editions with three main objectives:

==> To Confirm who finished their race and who did not

==> To Determine if the finishers wore compressive gear

==> To Establish if the non-finishers wore compressive gear or not.


The various rankings established on the UTMB® during the past four years, helped determine who finished and who did not finish their race. Then, confronted with photo-gallery of the participants  on the start line, we were able to confirm who wore compressive socks and sleeves and who did not. Thanks to their respective rank numbers we could identify the photos of each participant. Of the 10 008 participants taking part in the last four UTMB® editions, only    9 828 were subjects of the study, the other 180 having not been photographed.

And the answer definitely lies in Compression…


The ultimate goal of the study was to confirm the assumption that those who favoured compressive clothing such as compressive socks and sleeves finished their UTMB® race much easily than those who did not. The results seem to be confirming the said assumption. 52,9% of the 6354 identified finishers wore elastic compressive gear.

46,2% of UTMB® trail runners dropped out before the finish line. Almost half of them had their compressive gear on.

Capture d’e?cran 2017-05-17 a? 02.02.22


After each UTMB® event, a linear relationship was established between the use of compressive clothing and the number of participants who made it to the finish line (p < 0,05).

The more compression was worn, the more those who finished their runs.

Capture d’e?cran 2017-05-17 a? 02.00.02

Compression Clothing impacts on Performance


This study puts light on the fact that elastic compression (full socks, sleeves) was more used by UTMB® finishers (52,9%) than by those who gave up prematurely (46,2%). Moreover, the linear relationship between the use of elastic compression and the number of participants finishing the race confirms even further this assumption. To conclude, it turns out that compression can help trail runners complete such long-distance contest as the UTMB®.

This article is co-written by Arnaud MENETRIER and Anthony BUCHE.

Arnaud MENETRIER is our Scientist Manager. Doctor in Sports Psychology, he collaborates with Compressport® and strives to always bring innovation and highly technical and performing compressive apparel to our athletes. He has contributed to many studies on the effect of compression in sports. 

Sources:  Engel FA, Holmberg HC, Sperlich B. Is there evidence that runners can benefit from wearing compression clothing? Sports Med 2017:46(12):1939-52 ; Borràs X, Balius X, Drobnic F, Til L, Turmo A. Effects of lower body compression garment in muscle oscillation and tissular injury during intense exercise. Portuguese J Sport Sci 2011;11(2): 685-8 ;  Pirard M, Gellaerts J, Muzic J, Peseux M, Ménétrier A. Dose-effect response of elastic compression on stride length. Sci Sports 2016;31(6):355-8 ; Schubert AG, Kempf J, Heiderscheit BC. Influence of stride frequency and length on running mechanics: a systematic review. Sports Health 2014;6(3):210-7.5 ; Ménétrier A. The use of elastic compression to decrease the risk of injuries. Br J Sports Med 2014 ; 48:638


Back from surgery, Canadian McMAHON had to test his form and the effectiveness of his compression clothing. He chose no other than nearest St George, Utah that hosted one of the Ironman 70.3 races during the first weekend of May to do so.

The race win went to British Alistair Brownlee, but our partner athlete was not that far back, at only 5 minutes of the podium. 

Flying Colours in Compression Clothing

With Compressort® teammates Matt CHRABOT and Joe GAMBLES, Brent McMAHON made a great swim run, with only 39 seconds lapse on leader Browlee who was in his most Olympian form than never! He made it clear that he did not come to St George to make the numbers!


On the Bike, Brownlee was out of reach and Brent managed hard to finish 10 minutes behind.

With this 10 minutes-gap McMAHON had to put on a huge performance, which he did with brio, and grasping on his way the 3rd fastest split which had him cross the finish line of this IRONMAN® at the 6th place Overall! He could not have dreamt a better start to his season.

GAMBLES was just behind at the 7th place and CHRABOT at 18th.

Griepel wins his 1st Maglia Rosa on the Giro d’Italia!

giro-824x400The legendary Italian tour claims its 100th edition this year and resumes itself as a 3-week event, 3,615 Kms of racing in 21 stages to finish in the Italian Alps.

Our partner, German Andre GREIPEL with his team Lotto-Soudal, had a great win on the 221-Km Olbia-Tortoli second stage and claims his well deserved maglia rosa, thanks to a bonus time on the finish line.

Andre? Greipel_824_400

After this week`s route, GREIPEL is accountable to his 7th stage win on the Giro and his first ever pink jersey.  

Lucy CHARLES wins Challenge Lisboa

Losing to Emma Pallant on the last Gran Canaria on Lucy CHARLES came to Lisbon determined to make the best of it and be on top of the podium!

lucy-charles-824x400That`s what she did on the Challenge Lisboa! By 6 minutes ahead she claimed the first place after a tremendous swim run where she exited first out of the water. Boosted by this first win Lucy asked for no less but to go another level. She took the lead on her bike and never were her chasers able to challenge her. In the last stage of the triathlon, she ran to victory with over 6 minutes lead.

Her route to Ironman Lanzarote in two weeks is well paved!

The Southern Hemisphere welcomes its IRONMAN event

…And Craig ALEXANDER renewed his participation this year after his last year`s victory.

But the 2017 edition of the IRONMAN 70.3 Busselton promised a very tough competition and Craig had to deal with the toughest of triathletes, one of which was no other than Dan Wilson who did not let go of any pace!

Craig Alexander_824*400

Crag however pushed hard to earn the 2nd fastest run split and overall finished 2nd at 1min28 behind Wilson.