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Lucas Mazur was 3 years’ old when an AVC left him with an ankle deformity… and an unfailing optimism!

16 years later, Lucas is 3-time European champion and all-category reigning World champion (Simple, Double, Mixed Double) in his sport: PARA-BADMINTON and nothing seems to distract him from his goals:

• safeguard his World Champion title

• be a Para-Olympic Champion at Tokyo-2020 … or Paris-2024!

2017 will be a year of all challenges for Lucas and Compressport® is proud to be part of this adventure. 

CS: What has motivated your choice of Compressport®  compression clothing?

LM: When the Racket range of products was put on trial and test by the French Badminton Team I was impressed by the results, which completely convinced me of the benefits they bestow on performance. Since then I have not let go of my Racket products.

CS: How does Compression Clothing prove beneficial to your performance?

LM: My must-have products are the Quad, the Underwear Short, the On/Off Shirt and the Armforce. They allow me to be in good posture always and to support my muscles during effort. Because of my impairment, my back is much under strain when I go after the shuttlecock. My compression garments delay fatigue, limit injuries and protect my muscles.


CS: When do you use your compression clothing?

LM: Each garment accommodates my needs and I wear each as per the state of fatigue I find myself in and the level of recovery I wish to attain. 30 minutes before a match I wear my apparel to warm up, play in and recover in them 30 minutes after the match.

CS: Would you say that  Racket products contributed to your latest performances?

LM: Definitely! And that`s why I have renewed my trust in them. The sport that I practise requests that my physical condition be always at its best and compression clothing is of great help in my case.

CS: What`s on your agenda in 2017?

LM: I am preparing myself and working serenely at enrolling on the World Championship in Korea in November next. To do so, I will have to negotiate all the anterior tournaments: Spain, Turkey, Ireland, Japan, Peru and USA. 2017 will have to be better than 2016 and I have no intention of letting go of my world champion title.


The plot is set on the Atlantic Ocean, on one of the most beautiful spots of the world – the Gran Canaria. The 14th edition of the Transgrancanaria lived up to its promises and offered to all sports lovers an awesome show! Rain, sun, dust, mud… none of these would divert the hundreds of elite sportsmen and women and amateurs from this pioneer event.

Pazos, Gamito, Cazajous… Compressport Team did more than well!

Diego Pazos_ 824_400As the race started two of ours, Diego Pazos and newcomer Jordi Gamito moved ahead of the pack over the first 80kms… But a more than determined Pau Capell vowed he would win the race and he did! Jordi stumbled out of the podium by only 3 minutes. Our French partner Maxime Cazajous was only one toe behind!

Diego Pazos, bothered by the extreme cold when the race got at its highest peak, had to back down but he never let go. The 8th place was his!

Sebastien Chaigneau and Teresa Nimes had their part of the show too!

Sebastien ChaigneauIt happened on the 82Km race where Sebastien, with a master`s touch, directed his race from the beginning till the end, almost 6 minutes ahead of the next follower. Our next best teammate was Dani Sanata, at the 5th place, to the joy of all his fellow citizens.

Teresa Nimes_824_400In the women`s league, marvellous Teresa Nimes begins her year`s stats with a tremendous win, her first of 2017! Chrono : 9:41:55… What else!

Riu Costa breaks through the Abu Dhabi Tour with class!

Abu DhabiIts upgrading to world tour class brings another limelight on the 2017 Abu Dhabi Tour and over 4 days the most expert riders of the world tested their pedals and potential.

RCosta_824x400Though the starts were slow, Riu Costa, managed to salvage some pride, overcame the odds and thrust himself into victory on the final climb. The overall lead was his!

Andre? Greipel_824_400In grasping the bronze medal, Lotto-Soudal rider André Griepel proved, if need be, that his talent will have to be reckoned with on the 2017 World Tour!

Ski Mountaineering… when compression gear goes to the mountains!

Skimo_824_400Alpago-Piancavallo in Italy hosted the World Championships and our partner athletes did very well, all geared in their respective compression clothing. On the individual race, a little less than 5 minutes separates our first best Xavier Gachet (6th place) and William Bon Mardion (7th place) from unbeatable Damiano Lenzi, winner of the race.

The team`s race a whole new kettle of fish when our French pair snatched, with their skiing poles, a well-deserved 3rd place, only 12 seconds behind the winning pair. Bravissimo !

Last but not least…

Fabio Fellin of Trek-Segafredo claims the 4th place in Belgium Omloop Het Nieuwsblad spring classics.

Lucy Charles takes to the first round of the Ashridge Duathlon Series in UK.

Ludovic Pommeret and his club, the CAB Bellegardien finally made it to the Gold medal at the French Cross Championships.




COMPRESSPORT® is excited to build on it´s current list of talented trail runners and bring into the fold, a squad of 6 of the World´s Best Ultra Trail Runners who will all cloth in COMPRESSPORT®´s full Trail Running material.

In 2016, Diego Pazos has had great success on the Ultra trail running circuit, with the supporting benefits of COMPRESSPORT®´s racing material. This year, he will be backed by David Hauss, Paul Giblin, Teresa Nimes, Jordi Gamito and Casey Morgan.

Our COMPRESSPORT® Trail Running contingent will compete at the highest level in the sport of Ultra Trail Running. Their main aim´s will be for success at the Ultra Trail World Tour Series with some athletes also adding races from the SkyRunning World Series.

Not only will they race at many of the same events wearing the latest COMPRESSPORT® technologies but they will also participate in a special training camp which will be held during April this year to initiate the COMPRESSPORT® Trail Running Family.




3RD CCC® UTMB® 2016

"I feel strongly motivated and very grateful for the confidence that COMPRESSPORT®  has placed in me. They give me the possibility to run, travel and enjoy nature in the way that makes me happiest, in harmony, enjoying this exciting experience and adventure that is the Ultra Trail."




"Collaborating this season with COMPRESSPORT® is about for me an experience of growth, because this is what i intend to do this year; grow as an athlete. I believe I can accomplish this with COMPRESSPORT® by my side". 




"It’s a real honour to join the COMPRESSPORT® trail running team - I’m incredibly grateful to be working with a company with such a strong focus on performance and their passion for training, extreme races and pushing personal limits is exactly the partner I wanted for the 2017 season. I’m looking forward to sharing many miles of trail with the team.” 




"The technologies included in the COMPRESSPORT® products are a real advantage and even more for long-distance efforts… Now, I enjoy top-level equipment to over the multiple challenges I will face. This 1st year with COMPRESSPORT® will be a major asset on my way reaching high-class trail." 




"We share the same values. COMPRESSPORT® has a very young, dynamic and stylish spirit and this is something that I identify with. They are open to new adventures and horizons and last but not least, it is a brand that is Born in Switzerland, just like me and my bow tie."




"For me it's a real pleasure to be part of the COMPRESSPORT® Trail Running team. We have a great team spirit when we race and train together and the team really embodies what trail running means to me. The brand produces great products and they're always open to feedback from the athletes on what works and what doesn't."


One of the last recruits in Compressport team this year is Chloé Mésic, squash professional. Her route to squash has been more than unusual. Destined to climbing sports, she gets herself caught-up in squash because her mother missed the inscription date for climbing!

Not so much enthusiast at the beginning, Chloé finally took a liking – and rightfully indeed – to squash and today ranks herself 3rd best French female player, 63rd World best and medalist at the last world championships with the French Team.

Chloé Mésic confesses being a regular user of compression clothing since she discovered Compressport`s range of products.

These past 6 years, I have been using the compression running products and have been delighted by them. I wear them during my training sessions and when I`m playing a match. When the Racket range was designed I voluntarily proposed to represent the brand.

What do you find in compression clothing?

Compression clothing has many increasing benefits both during my training sessions and during matches. I never let go of my Full Socks when I travel because they limit leg swelling and numbness. They are comfortable to wear and last long. Mine are as good as new after 6 years service!

My R2 calf sleeves are essential at keeping my legs as light as possible during intense continuous effort. I always wear them while working oit before a match. They limit muscle vibrations and give support to my Achilles tendon which is highly stained in squash.

824x400The Quad and Underwear Compression Short make a unique compressive duo on my thighs, giving support, compression and comfort. The light and comfortable On/Off T-shirt keeps the body in perfect posture and straight irrespective of fatigue and when the back is under strain.

How do you prepare yourself before a match and how do you prevent injury?

I have been fortunate enough not to be injured since I began squash. A rational reason to that would be my genetic disposition – solid and flexible joints. I also work on my biomechanics by adopting the ideal way of moving on the court so as to limit injury. Last but not least, I take good care of my diet, my recovery and medical check-ups. Compressport Racket products help a lot in the recovery process – electro-simulation, massage and stretching.


What are your future goals?

First, be in the World Top 40, win my first international PSA Tour, make it ot the podium during the French Elite championship and be European Champion with my team.


Combining strength and endurance on a 1h-game, squash is said to be an intense racket sport that puts under strain various muscles – calves, legs quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteal muscles, …

Compression Clothing on these specific areas will

a. relieve muscles of all toxins thus facilitating recovery

b. limit muscle oscillations and vibrations thus delaying injury.


2 compression-quad-Racket-Moving front and back of the court and always have your racket on the ball, quadriceps and hamstrings are the most sought of all muscles. The risks of injury are thus multiple if the muscles are not well geared. The Compression Quad specially designed for racket sports strengthens the legs, absorbs shocks and is a perfect guard to muscles, joints and tendons.



In racket sports such as Squash, quads, hamstrings and gluteal muscles have to be strong and will need support and comfort from the compression clothing in order to resist to effort. The Compression Underwear Short for Racket is the seamlessly sewn short apparel that will offer that much anti-muscle damage.



Playing squash means changing moves very minute of the game. In doing so the player’s ankles and feet are highly requisitioned and they will need to be compressed enough so blood flow stays stimulated, toxins eliminated and recovery quickened. The Play and Detox Full Socks, in a combination of innovative technologies and exclusive fibres, offer the ideal support and compression to the vital tendons and muscles.


4.-on-off-short-sleeve-top-RacketEven though, in squash, the upper body might not be that much sought as the feet and legs, it nevertheless has to be supported by the best compression top. Compressport`s On/Off Short Sleeve Top reinforces body posture during effort for perfect maintenance while regulating the body temperature so you can save energy to focus on the effort.

On the other hand, the Elbow Silicon Arm sleeves will give maximum support to the arms and prevent pains and such injuries as tendinitis.



The Ultra Trail World Tour Series went for a second round this weekend in the beautiful scenery of Tarawera, North of New Zealand. Across lakes, forests and waterfalls, our athletes were at their best and crossed the finish line in the top ten.

Gediminas Grinius`s Trail Year starts well in his compression clothing !

After 8:23:16, our partner athlete Gediminas Grinius grasps the 5th place, and in so doing shapes his trail year in a very convincing manner. This 5th place at the UTWT bodes well for the upcoming trail events.

Gediminas-824x400Since take-off, the pace was high, printed by an unbeatable Jim Walmsley who swept away any attempt to close up on him. He finished the race 45 minutes ahead of the runner-up.

In the top 10, Michael WARDIAN, after his last week 7-day marathon challenge finished 8th, while in the women`s league…

Fernanda-824x400Fernanda Maciel stopped the chrono at 10:24:03 and earns a more than honourable 7th place.

Majell-824x400In the 62-Km  race, Majell Backhausen claims a tremendous win with a chrono of 5:04:26.

The Coastal Challenge is ON!

6 days of racing, 230 Kms, beautiful scenery and compression clothing … the stage is set in Costa Rica for one of the most inspiring and gruelling races.

Our partner athlete, Costa Rican Erick Aguëro, beat the odds – a mix of technical bits, humidity and heat – to secure a 3rd place on the podium of the first stage.

Gabi Molina`s first experience of the Coastal Challenge brings her a solid 10th place at 4:21:14.

Meanwhile in Turkey…

… the 3rd round of the ISMF World Cup took place with a combination of on and off track race and some challenging 1700 vertical meters. Race conditions were perfect!

The 2-days event saw an interesting mano a mano among our three main partner athletes.

William-Bon W. Bon MARDION – 3rd and 5th


Alexis SEVENNEC – 5th and 9th


Nadir MAGUET –  6th and 3rd 

Other results 

At Barcelona`s ½ Marathon, Jaume Leiva and Marta Esteban Poveda ran fast and finished first.


Compression clothing is proving more than successful in racket sports, their benefits having since long gone beyond the borders of endurance sports such as trail running and triathlon.

Compressport® has understood the specific needs of racket athletes and comes forward with a specific range of compression clothing.

Compression covers two phases of sports activities…

? During Effort

? Recovery After Effort

… and benefits each phase in different ways but with only one main goal… IMPROVE PERFORMANCE!

How does Compression Clothing benefit Racket Sports?


During Effort compressive apparel stimulates blood flow forward and backwards so it does not stagnate in the muscles and does not cause toxins to build up. Moreover, shocks are absorbed and muscle tears are limited.

Practising racket sports demands that athletes achieve good equilibrium while jumping to smash and landing to receive the ball. Compression clothing helps achieve this.

Wearing compressive gear After Effort wicks away curvatures and muscle pain thus facilitating recovery. The elbow having been put on tremendous strain on the racket, having the appropriate arm sleeve will help.

Compressport`s Racket range of products has been developed in exclusive fibres, ultra-fine and elastic and adapt to the moves of racket athletes on the courts.

?  protection of the arms, especially at elbow level in the Elbow Silicon Armforce

?  protective guard to the knees and calves in the Pro Silicon R2


For a tennis player, a more-than-2H match will put strain on muscles and definitely on the elbow. Wearing compression apparel will limit injuries by almost 30% and delay fatigue. Silicone inserts in some of Compressport ® outfits help protect joints.

Compression clothing facilitates a better venous return and thermo-regulates body temperature.


At only 23 of age the French badminton player, Gaëtan MITTELHEISSER is already smashing performances in various championships around the world. French National mixed doubles title and 3rd place at the 2013 Mediterranean Games are his most notorious wins.


In 2016 Compressport signed for a partnership with French Badminton Federation. But Gaetan Mittelheisser was already acquainted with our range of compression clothing specially designed for racket sports. Following a painful twist of fate – a thigh injury – Gaëtan discovered the benefits and efficiency of compression and since then only swears by it!

To protect his injured thigh he wears the Compression Short Underwear and the Quad, finding in them a relief to his hamstring weakness. In them he appreciates the fact that fatigue is delayed.  Practising badminton can be harsh on the arms and to  guard them against shocks and vibrations Gaëtan trusts the Elbow Silicon Armforce, the compression armsleeve par excellence.


Though not a World Tour race, Portugal`s Volta Algarve is a major sports event every year. The 2017 edition held from the 15th to the 19th of February held all its promises.

Primoz Roglic wins overall leaving the time trial to Jonathan Castroviejo 

Our Slovenian teammate made it to the 3rd place on the time trial but overall, after 19hours 4 minutes and 3 seconds, and without winning any of the five races, puts Lotto-NL Jumbo on the highest step of the podium, followed by Team Sky`s Michael Kwiatowski.

Jumbo-824x400 On 4 of the 5 stages, Compressport`s teammates assert themselves as cycling pros and made it to the top of the table. A remarkable performance to be noted from Lotto Soudal`s Andre Griepel (Stage 4), Quick-Step Floors` Fernado Gaviria (Stage 1) and Daniel Martin (Stage 2) and John Degenkolb from Trek-Segafredo (Stage 4).

Erick Agüero sets a new national record in compression clothing!

Who else but the local boy to make a mark on the Costa Rican Coastal Challenge. In Compressport`s compression clothing, Agüero grasps the 4th place, overall, with a time of 24:57:43. By so doing he beats the national record by 2 hours!

Gabi Molina finished her week`s challenge in the most classy manner: a 10th overall place in the women`s league. Time: 37:00:44.

Other Lands… Other Tracks… Other Wins…

Alejandro Valverde from Movistar was a pedal faster than him but Alberto Contador must be proud of his overall 2nd place at the Spanish Ruta del Sol.


David Hauss, new Compressport recruit, is beginning to set the statistics in his favour. Last weekend, he won the Antiguan Olympic Distance Triathlon in 2h01.


 Craig Alexander goes on winning the Australian Husky Long Course Triathlon.


Tireless Michael Wardian stays in New Zealand after Tarawera, and wins a 6th place at the Shotover Moonlight Marathon.

The tough Hajar Ultra Race in the Emirates and its +4500 vertical meters did not deter Bulgarian Andrey Gridin from reaching the finish line first.

Stay tuned to Compressport ® for upcoming events and results.


Who else but our long-time in-house Trail partner Casey MORGAN to go fight for the first place in the inaugural 9 Dragons Ultra, which took place in Hong Kong this weekend.

Casey-824x400The more the race is difficult, the more challenging it is for Casey. Once he took the lead on the first day of competition he never let go even though Vlad Ixel won the second stage!

Overall Casey stopped the chrono at 16:51:13 more than 30 minutes ahead of the runner-up, John Ellis.


… And their supremacy suffered no challenge!


First, Marcel KITTLE, licensee of Quick-Step Floors sweeps over the Dubai Tour like a maestro, snatching 3 of the 4 stages at stake. With this win, Marcel claims his 75th victory and signs one of the 10 victories of Quick-Step Floors of this early 2017.


Dylan GROENEWGEN of LottoNL-Jumbo and John DEGENKOLB of  Trek-Segafredo took the 2nd and 3rd places on the podium.

This weekend it also happened…

Ludovic POMMERET returned from another snow race at Montgenèvre with a big win.

LudovicIn Gran Canaria, Dani SANTANA wins the 42-Km Ruta de Los Molinos…


while Jordi GAMITO wins the Marathon of Trail Porto Moriz in his trail compression clothing.

What`s next ?

  • The ISMF World Cup continues in Turkey.
  • The UTWT Tarawera will take place in New Zealand

    Stay tuned to our next report of Compressport® team achievements.