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Compression Clothing befits Cycling: Science proves it!

“My Compressport garments are fundamental to optimize my recovery. I usually use the full socks during travels…. by car, bus or plane… during transfers from the  races to the hotels….”  Peter Sagan, Pro Team Tinkoff Saxo

It is no coincidence Compressport® partnered 9 Pro Tour Cycling Teams on various cycling circuits during 2016, and is developing and promoting products that better suit the sport of cycling.  And if need be, science has brought to light the benefits compression clothing can bring to cycling performances.

Muscle Oxygenation = Toxins Elimination

  • Compression activates venous return to the heart and in so doing, improves overall blood circulation and oxygenates muscles by 15-20%. When muscles oxygenate, toxins are not allowed to stagnate. The Full Socks help eliminate toxins and lactates by almost 13% more than any other recovery medium and enables faster recovery.

Less Toxins = Delayed Pain = Less Swollen Legs

  • Compression eliminates toxins in the muscles. Pain is lessened so you stay focus on your performance. Muscle soreness, reduced by 50%, performance is reiterated. Improved venous return in the Full Leg guarantees light and fresh legs as the latter do not get swollen because of blood stagnation, especially when travelling by plane or bus from one race to another.


Limited Muscle Vibrations = Limited Injury 

  • Compression strengthens muscles and does not allow that they oscillate and get damaged. The Cycling Bib compression short helps absorb shocks, prevent injury, lessens fatigue and enhances cycling performances. Moreover, compression garments helps posture and so protects tendons and muscles from strain and stress.  Tendonitis, shin splints and muscular injuries are decreased by 29%.

Saving Energy = Better Aerodynamics

  • Compressport`s compression clothing such as the R2V2 Calf sleeves sports apparel help save energy (up to 5 watts!).  Not focusing on saving energy while biking, cyclists move forward easier and achieve greater aerodynamic efficiency.

Some references: Ménétrier A, Pinot J, Mourot L, Grappe F, Bouhaddi M, Regnard J and Tordi N (2014). Effects of recovery using contrast water therapy or compression stockings on subsequent 5-min cycling performance. J Sci Cycling 2:49-56 , ; Lussiana T, Terrillon A, Raynaud JL, Tordi N, Mourot L, Ménétrier A (2014). Dose-effect response of elastic compression on muscular vibrations. Sci Sports 30:101-104


Whereby compression apparel made by Compressport® proves again that being well geared on long distance runs, such as the Trail World Championship, across tracks and fields, has its say! And to qualify for the 2017 long distance trail running championships one had to beat the clock!


Sage Canaday

When he finished at 2h58, just 24 seconds behind the uncatchable Eritrean Azerya Weldermariam. The roads were dirty, double-tracked at some places, with steep pitches at others, but no doubt his compression calf sleeves were of great help. 

Sage Canaday, earning his place for the 2017 Trail Running World Championships in Italy, could not have dreamt a better finish to his trail year.


Mike Wardian

Then comes New York City Marathon, where Compressport partner Wardian, crossed the finish line after a 2:33:18 run, completing his series of 6 marathons and claiming the fastest time across all races in 2016.

An extraordinary, if not “super-heroic”, performance considering the fact that he had thousands of run-miles and 6 series of marathon in the legs since the beginning of the Abbot WMM 2016-season!

His results  …

Tokyo 2:28:14     London 2:27:27     Boston 2:31:39     Berlin 2:28:19     Chicago 2:32:02

During the wheelchair series of that same NY City marathon, our Laurens Molina made it 5th while reigning Abbott World Marathon Majors champion Mary Keitany commandingly grasped the 1st place.



At the IAU Trail Running World Championships, French Ludovic Pommeret and Spanish Diego Pazos took 5th and 6th places while in the women`s league Spain`s Azara Garcia was 2nd. We are really proud of you guys! Well done!



While a few some will run for some kind of White House this week, thousands will hit the roads of Las Vegas on the 12th November, for the most “? rock & roll ?” marathon of all times!

At the other end of the world, Malaysia and China will live to the tune of the IRONMAN® Series of triathlon.

Stay tuned for the next outcome and sport in and with COMPRESSPORT !

Trail runners Rock with the Clouds and Roll down Vegas

The best compression socks and the most efficient calf sleeves among others prove again that compression apparel helps achieve the best performances, even more when trails get harder at the highest of altitudes or lighter and funkier, on the road to Vegas!  And Compressport® did not miss the opportunity to prove it via their athlete partners.


Kms: 160   –   Duration: 6 days   –   Altitude gained : +29 000 meters


Compressport® is partner of the Everest Trail Race since 2012 and again this year places its best partners on the podium (or next to it) after completion of the first 4 stages. 

– 2ND : Miguel CAPO 

– 3RD : Casey MORGAN


Passang Lama was unbeatable winning Stages 1, 3 and 4 while Miguel Capo and Casey Morgan cling to his heels for the 2nd and 3rd places.  



… and enters the Guinness Book of records when he cruises to victory during the Las Vegas Marathon in 2h38.  His 2015-2016-season finale in Elvis’ outfit almost completes an unchained melody of high times on the tracks.  


Thiago Vinhal was the 2nd Ironman in Malaysia while Lisa Roberts was on the 3rd step of the IRONMAN® 70.3 Podium in Xiamen.  

In Catalonia, there could be no better winner than native son Pau Capell who, in Compressport® of which he he prefers the full socks, grasps the win on the 11-Km Cursa de la Ratafia. 


It will continue to run in USA and Brazil for the Ironman series.

Stay tuned for the outcome and continue to sport in and with Compressport®.

Compression Apparel for RECOVERY… Top Products

You are reading : Top COMPRESSPORT products for RECOVERY

Compression apparel worn after effort HELPS recover whether recovery is active or passive, not to the same extent however

• Passive recovery = complete rest, no muscular activity, seated while travelling by car, plane or train plane, standing still or stamping

• Active recovery = light muscular activity such as walking or relaxing (ex: in front of the television) not more than 3 hours.

In almost all sports or workouts specific parts of the body are most of the time put on test:calves, thighs, and arms. Compressport® has designed specific compression clothing for specific muscles.



The ESSENTIAL compression garment, made in light thermo-regulating fibres and which trail runners, triathletes, cyclists will want to wear during active recovery as it

? Accelerates venous return (+20 % in few sec)

? Prevents blood from stagnating

? Compresses “aggressively” (25-30 mmHg) over the entire leg

? Drains toxins (-13 %)

? Restricts inflammation (-50 %) and swelling (-100 %)

? Eliminates muscle and joint pain (-50 %).

Recovery is immediate as a feeling of well-being, lightness and strength surrounds the leg.


Full Socks V2.1

The Full Socks V2.1 especially designed for prolonged recovery periods and is the must-have foot accessory during long travels by plane, car or train. They

? Graduate compression, from bottom up i.e. medical gradient (20 mmHg)

? Activate venous return (+20 %)

? Boost oxygen supply to the muscles (+15 %)

? Prevent foot and leg swelling (-100 %)

? Leave your legs ultra light, ready for the next performance.

For maximum active recovery after intense workouts, wear the Full Leg for 2 to 3 hours and switch to the Full Socks V2.1 for comfort and lightness. If workout is less hard, the Full Socks V2.1 will be sufficient to optimize recovery. However, during passive recovery the Full Socks V2.1 can be worn as long as necessary.



The cutting edge technology packed into these ultra light compression socks was tested and approved during the IRONMAN® World Championship of Kona, one of the hottest races in the world.

This Full Sock is ultra fine and light and weighs only 22grams. Designed in an ultra light mesh, it is easy to put on and very pleasant to wear. You simply forget you are wearing it!

To recover after strenuous effort and to travel under hot conditions, this pair of Ultra-light Full Socks is the perfect alternative to the Full Socks V2.1.

4. THE COMPRESSPORT R2V2 … compression apparel FOR CALVES  


The R2V2 is a new and fresher version of the original R2 calf sleeve, primarily designed for effort but subsequently used for recovery as well. It does not compress around the foot. And hence can be used for active recovery or short passive rest not exceeding 3 hours. It is however strongly advised not to wear the R2V2 during too prolonged passive periods such as more than 1H-travels.

The R2V2 is also a very good alternative to the Full Socks during summer, especially if the feet get moist.

Worn during active recovery it : 

? Accelerates venous return (+20 % in few sec)

? Boosts oxygen supply to the calf muscles (+25 %)

? Alleviates pain as tight compression (20-25 mmHg) over the entire calf part is applied.



The COMPRESSPORT Armsleeve is constructed the same way the R2 calf sleeve is, and consequently is also ultra-body-forming, thermo-regulating and ideal for active recovery. It can be used to recover after swimming, gym sessions or any sport requiring heavy arm involvement as it :

? Stimulates blood flow

? Increases muscle oxygenation (+5 %)

? Limits muscle inflammation (-50 %)

? Keeps arms light and less strained.



Sewn without seams, this quad sleeve is a must-have product for many athletes as it brings strength, power and safety to the muscles and tendons.

After exercise, it continues to :

? Accelerate venous return (+10 %)

Flush toxins from the thigh muscles

? Increase muscle oxygenation (+5 %)

Limit their inflammation (-50 %) and

Reduce the possibility of delayed onset muscle soreness (-50 %).

Damaged muscles repair quickly so you can train and compete on fresher legs.


Top compressport products for recovery


It is no coincidence that the French Federation of Badminton chooses Compressport Racket as official partner and supplier as far as compression clothing is concerned.

Fabrice VALLET, deputy technical director at INSEP, in charge of French Badminton sports activities, speaks about the benefits badminton players will get from the whole range of Racket products.


With Peter Gade as head of staff, we are working at strengthening various aspects of the game around physical workout, prevention and recovery. We have to prepare the athletes reach the best performances, free of injury as far as possible. One of the efficient ways of achieving this is to equip our teams with the best compression apparel on the market and we believe Compressport Racket offers key advantages. Each product works at improving performance, delays fatigue and protects. Playing badminton requires that you jump a lot, constantly change directions, even more when matches linger. Compressport has understood the needs of our athletes and has adapted their compression clothing to the specificities of racket sports. Our athletes have completely adhered to the idea and will definitely be wearing the Racket products during the next European tournaments.


In Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay… races were hot!

Frederik VAN LIERDE amazingly beat the heat to win IRONMAN Cozumel (Mexico). Our favourite Belgian could not have done less in his compression apparel.  The efficient and performing R2V2 calf sleeve was definitely Frederik`s ally while he biked to the finish line… and broke the race record!


After hours of strenuous swimming (he finished 2nd after 3,8 Kms), enduring cycling (180 Kms) and heated race (42,2 Kms) Van Lierde topped the Table as follows and added panache to his season finale! Americans Matt RUSSELL and Chris LEIFERMAN were respectively 2nd and 3rd.

Capture d’e?cran 2016-11-28 a? 13.17.26

In the women`s league…

Canadian Rachel McBRIDE had the guts to push her limits and overcome the hot temperatures to finish at a very honorable 5th place.

At the same time, in Argentinian Columbia, Marco DeGASPERI lifted the 1st Place trophy after 30 Km of racing at the XTrail America


…. while Brazilian Luis OHDE finished 3rd at the Ironman 70.3 Punta Del Este (Uruguay) won by another Brazilian, Santiago Ascenco, 9 minutes ahead of Odhe.

On the other side of the Atlantic

Patrick REAGAN, stopped the chrono at 6h35`42” to win the 3rd step on the Podium of the 100Km IAU World Championship in Portugal…

And Laia DIEZ won.. by a mile!… the Barcelona Trail Race.


The North Face 50 Miler in US and the Tramuntana Travesa in Spanish Mallorca.

Stay tuned for the next results and sport in and with Compressport® compression clothing!

Compressport ® Teams…in the Top 10!

2016 is proving to be a great year and no better ending could there be to an exhilarating season in our compression clothing! What a human experience it has been accompanying such fantastic athletes in their endeavour to push their limits on the hardest of tracks. This week we made it from Nepal to US Arizona via French Savoie and Spanish Valencia. No less!

Everest Trail RaceBis Repetita for a grand finale!

Capo, Morgan and Riudavets picked it up where they left last weekend and confirmed the places they already grasped on the podium. Not to mention Toni Amat`s 14th place after a tremendous performance.  Overall, Compressport® squad takes the honours!

Brent McMahon makes it 2nd in Arizona…


…and records his fastest marathon ever at North American Ironman  Race!  Not enough to beat Lionel Sanders though but his Pro R2 Swiss definitely contributed to his 4th sub 8-hour Ironman of his young career. Tremendous performance!

A creditable performance it was as well from Matt Chrabot, Guilio Molinari, Pedro Gomes and Joe Gambels. 

Meanwhile, in French Savoie…

Aurélien Dunad-Pallaz covered the 26.5-Km Arclusaz Trail in great confidence and heads to the finish line in second position while…


Marta Esteban makes it great during the Valencia Marathon in Spain stopping the chrono at 2h30’47.

Michael Wardian stays in America…

… and AGAIN! is the talk of the trail tracks when he finishes 4th at the JFK 50-Mile race from Boonsboro to Williamsport in Maryland. Time: 5h58`.

Next Week…

Our athletes will fight for even more Ironman Trophies in Thailand and Mexico.

 So stay tuned while sporting in your Compressport ® compression apparel!