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IRONMAN ® WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Kona … records just blew off!

The most iconic of all iconic triathlon races took pace in Hawaii this 8th October with its share of joy and deception. Compressport® was again partner of the event, in the form of a specially designed full-fledged Ironman® product line.

Joy was all-German in the men`s league…

… as the first three places were grasped by Frodeno, Kienle and Lange! Jan Frodeno did not let go of the title he won last year at the same event, beating his own time by almost 11 minutes, in 8h06’30’’.

On the female side, Daniela Ryf did more than just win the title, for the second consecutive time. She blasted the chronometer by more than 5 minutes over existing record from Australian Mirinda Carfrae. Her full-time accomplishment on Kona 2016: 8h46’46”.

Compressport ®`s partner athletes…

Bart Aernouts (BMC-Etixx Pro Triathlon Team powered by Uplace) and Frederik Van Lierde managed to stay in the pack and respectively pointed at the 8th and 10th places. At the same time, BMC-Etixx team placed 3 of their best athletes in the top 15.  On the female side, Lisa Roberts finished strongly in a more than respectable 16th place. Kristin Moeller and Gurutze Frades were respectively 26th and 27th.

In the meantime, The Road Cycling World Championships…

… kicked off in Doha, Qatar, with the Teams Time Trial. Etixx-Quickstep did a fabulous ride to take the win by over 12 seconds, while our sponsored women team, geared in our most innovative compression clothing, cycled their way with style and class to the third place.


The Cycling World Championships continue up to the 16th October, while the Skyrunning Series make it to the final, on Saturday 15th October, in Limone, Italy.

HAUTE ROUTE … living a human story out of a sporting challenge

Team sports apparel worn by hundreds of passionate cyclists to take the challenge of pushing physical and mental limits every year, that`s what Haute Route sporting challenge stands for. Up the Pyrenees, the French Alps or the Italian Dolomites compression clothing leaves its mark. Whether they be rookies, professionals or just sport enthusiasts looking for the adrenaline rush, they come from over 50 countries around the world with one sole goal: beat the odds during the most exhilarating amateur cycling events and live the most unparalleled experience.

French Alps:                                     800Km, Altitude 21000M+

Italian Dolomites Swiss Alps:           900 km, Altitude 21000M+

Pyrenees:                                         800 km, Altitude 20000M+

Haute Route in High Security

The Haute Route events throughout the most mythical European cols and mountains combine jaw-dropping scenery and dramatic but breathtaking climbs. So much kilometers up so much meters in altitude require that the events be well secured: thousands of volunteer marshals, more than 30 safety and medical motorcycles on each event, ambulances and medical support teams are requisitioned.

blog-dans-articleTeam Sports Apparel up the mountains … the best ally ever !

Team Sports Apparel in Cycling –  Haute Route goes Compressive!

Since 2014, Compressport ® is partner of the Haute Route events and provides to the cyclists an innovative pair of compression socks, the Pro Racing Socks Ultralight Bike, tested by world champions and wholly adopted for their ability to improve performance, to accelerate recovery and to prevent overheating. 

Haute Route is a unique mix of challenge, overwhelming mountainous landscapes and human nature. In the sports world, Haute Route is proof that we have the power to change our lives… if we dare to.

Stay tuned to the latest details of what`s happening on the Haute Route events on


so went the Ultra Trail World Tour Series Final during this third weekend of October! Overall, Compressport® and its range of compression clothing take partner athlete Gediminas Grinius to the top of the podium while Pau Capell grasps the bronze step. In the women`s league, Fernanda Maciel earns a honourable 11th place after a breakthrough year on the trail tracks.

Trail, Compression Clothing and Nature… an unbeatable trio

Compressport® and partner athletes abandoned the traditional trail tracks and city life and went Nature!  It began in Portugal and ended in the Indian Ocean. In complete immersion in the mountains, surrounded by the seas, with the horizon as ultimate limit and geared with the best compression outfits, our athletes proved once again that when there is a will there is… a trail way!

Many Go Green during the Eco-Trail Madeira…

Professionals and amateurs reached the beautiful island of Madeira, in their compression socks to run 4, races with 4 different ascents, the toughest being the 8km race at 5400 of ascent. And even if adverse weather conditions decided to 

380x253rock the boat, our Julien Chorier and Casey Morgan finished 1st and 2nd respectively. Our two champions could not have dreamt better finish to their respective season.

Special mention: David Bormann and Sylvain Laurmanaged the 40km-race to the finishing line at the most honourable 9th and 12th positions respectively.

… Others Go Mad on the Diagonale des Fous

To complete the Ultra-Trail World Tour series, our professional trail runners headed south to cross Reunion Island from south to north for a madding trail race. The maddest of them all, French François d’Haene did it in less than 24 hours while our Maxime Cazajous narrowly missed the podium after more than 25 hours of running.

A great year of trail running comes to an end…  looking forward to a tremendous 2017 with Compressport®.

Pazos – in compression socks and … a bow tie!

Name : Diego Pazos

Born: 28.11.1984


Ex-Football player turned Trail runner 

From the Football Pitch to the Trail Track

Since he became acquainted with his first trail experience, around 2011, this forensics expert and ex-football player took a real crush in the matter, watching the UTMB trail.  A whole new world of challenges literally unfolded before him: pushing the limits, the taste for adventure, the sense of unpredictability and liberty and the values shared by the community of trailers.

The 1st Real Challenge…

 UTMB® 2014 did he decide!  167 Km with 9800 of vertical meters. He had two years to maximise his minima to qualify for the Mont Blanc ultra-trail. During his numerous preparatory trails, he crossed the finishing lines in the top 5, most of the time. The road ahead was at his feet!

However, some recurring injuries paved that road and his UTMB 2014 challenge almost faltered. But, a positive and persevering human nature like his would not let fate daunt his motivation. Full of nerve and gall, his contagious smile never leaving his lips, he managed to finish 11th in 23h11!

In 2016 his 1st Major Win…

… grasped on a major trail event, the 80-Km Mont Blanc Marathon. A 1st place  won in great style and which by the same way confirmed his great form. It seems nothing is stopping the Swiss man from here on in.


Diego “Zpeedy” Pazos claims his ticket as a full member of the trail community and, his now legendary butterfly knot around the neck, he enchants every trail event he is in.  His next move will be the 2016 Trail Running World Championships in Portugal, next 29th of October. And again, as official user of Compressport® compression socks, Diego Pazos will sure make it to the finish line, in full strength and support.

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The Skyrunning World Series and the Qatar Road World Championships reunite our partner athletes, who, geared in their most efficient compression clothing, performed to their best.

Flirting with the skies in Limone…

… were the best of trail runners who braved the 27km extreme skyrace and 2450 meters of vertical climbing to reach Limone. Flu-stricken Tadei Pivk, having already secured his overall win of the competition, forfeited his claim to a brilliant finish. French Alexis Sevennec, asked for no more and could trust his compression apparel, specially the PRS special trail, to finish 1st  in the men`s league. On the podium, for the overall win, Pivk and Nikolov grasped the 1st and 3rd steps, while Spanish Hassan Ait Chaou stood just between them. 

And when Vertical becomes Extreme… Philip Götsch and Christel Dewalle claimed their crowns as winners of the vertical climb while Alexis Sevennec and William Bon Mardion, finished 14th and 34th respectively.

In Doha, all was extreme

The heat, the race, the desert…For the 89th edition of the Road World Championships, in the flat desert of heated Qatar, Slovak Peter Sagan (Tinkoff), could thank his Full Socks V2.1 as he sprinted to the finish line, a bike length ahead of Britain`s Mark Cavendish (Dimension Data). Tom Boonen (Etixx-Qucikstep) from Belgium completed the podium.

To complete the good series… Compressport`s partner Frederik Van Lierde did it again, in Lanzarote where he won the Olympic distance triathlon while Michael Wardian finished 3rd at the Baltimore Marathon.

Next weekend … Reunion Island, Portugal and France will stage some fantastic trail runs : The Diagonale des Fous, the Ecotrail Funchal-Madeira and Les Templiers. Meanwhile Ironman® will continue to smash it up in Arizona and China. Compressport ® partners will sure be part of the show.

Stay tuned for the latest news and sport with Compressport ® .


If compression can help the community…

is all it takes for Compressport ® to come on board Run2Gether (R2G), a running club created by Austrian and Kenyan athletes and sport lovers and driven by a one and only philosophy: bringing people and cultures together to run and live 2gether. Compression apparel being supplied to the teams, round trips between Austria and Kenya and enduring long-distance races around Europe are made in total comfort with optimal performance.

Run, Share and Befriend…

…is R2G`s motto, driving passionate hobby runners from other countries to join in and accompany professional Kenyan athletes in their preparation phases before running competitions: professional coaching, healthy nutrition, and appropriate sports apparel. Interactions extend far beyond the sport issue when inter-cultural and human relations build up. Austria and Kenya may be 5,733 kilometres apart by plane but in the name of sport gaps can be bridged. R2G sets the example!


Running for a cause

… helps mend the lives of many as Kenyan athletes compete to win for a living – for them and for their families. After each win, part of the gain goes to the club who then funds educative, social and sport projects in Kiambogo, a small village situated in the Rift Valley, where R2G has implemented its sports & recreation centre.


Compression socks on the skin and triathlon under the skin Brent McMahon could not have ask for more to be impressive! Coming from a sporting family, Brent McMahon has tried all individual and team sports, before finally settling permanently on the triathlon. He won an an Olympian medal twice, is a regular Ironman contestant, and since IM Brazil 2016, he secures supremacy as the 2nd fastest Ironman finisher in history. 

Multiple challenges triathlon offers and the way people commute around this sport attracted Brent McMahon to the discipline. To stay in shape and be ready to face the numerous hurdles this enduring sport activity might entail Brent works-out five to six hours per day to build strength and muscle in the most innovative compression apparel.

blog-dans-articleWhen he is not racing around the world, Brent McMahon lives life simply guided by the holy bible. During his spare time he renovates his home, listens to music and watches Jason Bourne fight for his identity! He describes himself as a compassionate person focused on doing the right things the right way. 

When he travels to the competitions he wears Compressport® Full Socks, his favourite compression socks in which he gets fast recovery and extreme well being after long enduring races.