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A single race born in 1978 becomes one of the world major sports sensation four decades later! IRONMAN ® is a high-level fixture which world class champions won`t miss at all. The world`s best endurance event has become a lifestyle and COMPRESSPORT® is part of the adventure since 2008. IRONMAN® tests the limits of athletes while COMPRESSPORT`s gear helps athletes reach the limits. At the finish lines, only one goal is shared and attained: EXCELLENCE in PERFORMANCE!

In 2016, the partnership takes a 2-year full-fledged kick on the European tour, when COMPRESSPORT® becomes the official compression partner of the championship.

Brand Events…Brand Compression Apparel…Brand Benefits

As part of the partnership, COMPRESSPORT® has developed a specific range of smart compression products, for men and women, that feature exclusive technologies and designs for proven efficiency and performance and that conform to athletes’ needs and expectations.

  • Great breathability generating ultra lightness and freshness
  • Compression stimulating blood oxygenation and flow
  • Ergonomic fit inducing postural alignment
  • Shock absorption limiting aches and pains
  • Limited muscle vibrations delaying muscle tears and fatigue
  • Reduced toxin build-up accelerating fast recovery

Each specific compression apparel has been thought and designed to derive maximum potential from each muscle of the body.

o Upper body: TR3 Top, TR3 Tank
o Arms: Armsforce Armsleeve, Pro Racing Armsleeve
o Wrist: Sweatband
o Thighs: TR3 Brutal Short
o Legs and calves: R2V2 Calf Sleeve
o Toes and feet: Pro Racing Socks: Run, Bike – Low cut – High cut
o Head and forehead: Headband

To see the exclusive IRONMAN® branded range by COMPRESSPORTCLICK HERE 

IRONMAN®, it`s all about beating records, pushing back the limits and making history. Make no mistake and pick the right gear!

« I have been using Compressport Compression clothing since 2009, after a stress fracture on my right calf. I wear them during trainings and competitions…A very nice feeling, no cramps and no soreness indeed, just perfect!… And in hot conditions they can even keep my calf muscles cooler because of the protection (white) reflecting the sun… » Frederik Van Lierde, ironman World Champion