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… And will sure be the talk of the town next year. Back in their compression clothing they will definitely look for the best performances ever in spite of hardships and hurdles over the tracks. That`s what makes the beauty of the game!


Romain GUILLAUME is in top 5!



Strong winds and tough competition paved the Bahrain track where the last Ironman competition took place this 10th December. This Middle East second edition saw our team triathlete French Romain GUILLAUME fight all the odds and 800 more athletes to maintain a great 4th place at 3h48’29”.




Being 17th at the end of the race Pedro GOMES could nod have been more proud. And so are we!

After his win last week on the Western Australia Championship, Terenzo BOZZONE was unreachable in Bahrain.


 Caroline STEFFEN, the fighter!



Despite huge pressure from a tenacious Tina Deckers, our national Caroline did not let go at any time. After a combined finish time at 4h15`08” she won an uncontested and well-earned 3rd place.


Their end of year was awesome too… and compression clothing is no stranger to that!


There is no better than home to be at your best! Spanish Yeran Duran LOPEZ would not deny that as he finished 3rd on the 21-Km K42 Trail in Gran Canaria.

In the Maine, during the Millinocket Marathon, Mike WARDIAN had his say and climbed the third step of the podium.

On the other side of the world, in Madagascar, David HAUSS won the Nosy Be Trail. 

Last but not least, Aurélien DUNAND-PALAZ, comes 2nd at the Trail de Noel on the French Côte d’Azur.


Looking forward to 2017

With our partner athletes, 2016 was definitely a big year to live and we are sure 2017 will be great on the tracks all over the world. Compressport ® will strive to bring even more innovative compression apparel to the sports world.

To refresh on some of the remarkable results of 2016…

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Stay tuned fo the next results and continue to sport in and with Compressport®

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