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200th victories since January 1ST !

Last week, Compressport athletes and teams signed the 200th victory of the year on the most prestigious races in the world.

We focus only our “victory count” on top events (all sports) and in the professional category:
-World Series/ World cup
-World Tour (cycling)
-International events with worldwide recognition
-World Championship
-Regional Championship and Games

In reality, if we consider all types of events and amateur (age group) category, Compressport athletes reached the 200th victory a long time ago!

This is a great achievement and big source of motivation for us to continue developing, innovating, testing and producing the best products.


Some of the most outstanding Compressport® Athletes victories this year : 


Giro d’Italia 2015 Champion – Alberto Contador (TCS) 

mel melbourne

IronMan® Melbourne 2015 Champion – Melissa Hauschildt

Transgrancanaria2015 - Nuria Picas 02 (1)

Transgrancanaria 2015 Champion – Nuria Picas 


Chase BMX UCI World Champion 2015 – Stefany Hernandez

William Bon Mardion

1st World Cup Individual Race Ski Mountaineering  – William Bon Mardion

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