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Diego Pazos – the one and only bow-tied trail runner

Name : Diego Pazos

Born: 28.11.1984


ex-Football player, now Trail runner 

Since he became acquainted with his first trail experience, around 2011, this forensics expert and ex-football player took a real crush in the matter, watching the UTMB trail.  A whole new world of challenges literally unfolded before him: pushing the limits, the taste for adventure, the sense of unpredictability and liberty and the values shared by the community of trailers.

He decided then UTMB® 2014 will be his first real challenge! 167 Km with 9800 of vertical meters. He had two years to maximise his minima to qualify for the Mont Blanc ultra-trail. During his numerous preparatory trails, he crossed the finishing lines in the top 5, most of the time. The road ahead was at his feet!

However, some recurring injuries paved that road and his UTMB 2014 challenge almost faltered. But, a positive and persevering human nature like his would not let fate daunt his motivation. Full of nerve and gall, his contagious smile never leaving his lips, he managed to finish 11th in 23h11!


In 2016, Diego Pazos finally grasped the 1st place on a major trail event, the 80-Km Mont Blanc Marathon, which he won in great style and by the same way confirmed his great form. It seems nothing is stopping the Swiss man from here on in.

Diego “Zpeedy” Pazos claims his ticket as a full member of the trail community and, his now legendary butterfly knot around the neck, he enchants every trail event he is in.  His next move will be the 2016 Trail Running World Championships in Portugal, next 29th of October. And again, as official user of Compressport® compression apparel, Diego Pazos will sure make it to the finish line, in full strength and support.

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